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Best K Cup Coffee: 17 Picks for Regular and Decaf

Keurig coffee makers are counted among the easiest and most convenient ways to make your daily cup of coffee. If you have tried it in the past, then you likely have your own preferences. But what if you are new to K cups? Which are the best K Cups?

Best K Cups: The Top Coffees For Your Keurig

There are an astronomical amount of K cups to choose from. Fortunately, I have tried a great many of them, making it much easier to select some of the finer K cups for your daily cup of Keurig coffee.

1. Gourmesso K Cup Coffee

I adore a good dark roast, and this is certainly something you will get with Gourmesso K Cup Coffee. That being said, Gourmesso also does light and medium roasts, so you can easily find some of your personal preferences there.

Despite the range of different roasts, I do have to admit I prefer their dark roast. It is also good to know that Gourmesso is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means you are sure you get a sustainable cup of coffee in the morning.

2. Death Wish K Cup Coffee

I love a good Death Wish roast, and this is no different for their K cup coffee selection. Death Wish creates some of the best K cups with low acidity and a stronger flavor, perfect for the taste palette of most coffee lovers.

The good thing about Death Wish is that they use a small batch of roast beans for their K cups. Not only does this benefit freshness, it also provides the best flavor possible, whether you have a dark roast, French roast, light roast, or medium roast!

3. The Original Donut Shop K-Cup Coffee

You would expect Original Donut Shop to deliver some nice coffee pods, and fortunately for us they do. Made from 100% Arabica beans, these Keurig K cups ensure a lingering and heartwarming taste.

While I must admit that there are better blends out there, it is difficult not to like the K cups from the Original Donut Shop. Their breakfast blend is particularly nice, so even though it does not reach the levels of quality Death wish offers, it certainly is worth having.

4. Solimo Dark Roast K Cups

Once again, I selected a dark roast, and more particularly a French roast. The reason for it is quite simply its excellent price-quality ratio.

Solimo uses a selection of different coffee beans for its K cups, obtaining from locations such as Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia. All coffee beans used for coffee pods are also Arabica, ensuring the smoothest and fullest flavor with the least amount of bitterness.

5. Green Mountain K Cups

Green Mountain coffee roasters always bring something special to the table. And while the first thing you will notice is the superior quality of their K cups, it is also worth noting that this is one of the most sustainable roasters around.

For their K cups, Green Mountain uses coffee beans from Central America and Indonesia. Once you try some of their coffee K-cups, you will notice just how special their roasts are. Green Mountain provides some of the best K cups where vibrant flavors are concerned, featuring hints of citrus and plenty of sweetness.

To ensure the best K cups, Green Mountain only uses the highest-quality Arabica beans for their roast. In short, you most certainly get the quality you pay for when you choose Green Mountain. So, if you demand the best flavor from K cups, Green Mountain is the brand you need.

6. Starbucks Veranda Blonde Roast K Cups

If you are searching for some K cups with a good breakfast blend, I can certainly recommend Starbucks Veranda Blonde Roast. While these K-cups are more mass produced, you have to consider that this blend took eighty different variants to get it just right.

The best coffee K cups take a lot of work, and fortunately Starbucks stuck with it to end up with these coffee K cups. It is a delightful light roast, which is easy to drink but still provides that warm fuzzy feeling we all look for in the morning.

7. Barista Prima Decaf K Cups

It can be difficult to find a decaf that tastes just as a nice as a caffeinated K cup. Fortunately, you can count on Barista Prima Decaf to deliver.

Barista Prima Decaf gives you a dark roast coffee that simply radiates the traditional Italian flavors. These are also some of the best K cups for coffee lovers who prefer fruity flavors, as you can detect lots of ripe fruit as well as berries throughout your drinking experience.

8. Peet’s Light Roast Coffee K Cups

This overview of best K cups would not be complete without a recommendation from Peet’s. Peet’s delivers a very aromatic coffee with a light body, which means you get the amazing coffee fragrance without the bitterness.

I find Peet’s an excellent choice when my stomach is a little sensitive. After all, some coffee can cause stomach upset, which is not a problem you will have with these K cups. So, I always have some in the house just in case.

9. Gevalia Signature Blend K Cups

Another light roast that is a little gentler on the good old digestive system is the Gevalia Signature Blend. However, a lighter roast does not mean you have to compromise on flavor. Quite the opposite when you choose K cups from Gevalia.

10. Caribou Coffee Blend K Cups

This is one of those K cup brands that is often overlooked, and that is a real shame. After all, I had few K cups that were better than Caribou.

Caribou K cups use the finest Indonesian coffee beans, turning them into one of the best medium roast K cups on the market today. Caribou K cups are characterised by their full body, but also a rich flavor you will not forget anytime soon! And while the price is not as affordable as Starbucks, the overall taste and quality is certainly on point.

11. Laughing Man Hugh’s Blend K Cups

While the name might be a little funny, it will soon make sense once you know about the man behind the brand. In fact, Laughing Man Hugh’s Blend was created by legendary actor Hugh Jackman.

I am always a bit skeptical about celebrity brands, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. The Laughing Man K cups have a full and rich flavor, which reflects the quality of the medium roast blend.

On the flipside, the price of these medium roast K cups are a bit on the higher spectrum. Despite that, they are still affordable and not the most expensive on the market, so worth trying.

12. Community Coffee New Orleans Blend K Cups

New Orleans coffee flavor is quite unique, but Community Coffee managed to capture it in a K cup. The Community Coffee New Orleans K cups feature a dark roast with a strong body, but also a smooth finish.

While Community Coffee has captured New Orleans flavor, I must mention it is not the fullest body in the bunch. Nevertheless, you want these K cups to fulfill your everyday coffee drinking needs. If you want a gourmet roast, it might be better to choose one of my other suggestions.

13. Laughing Man Colombia Huila K Cups

If you are searching for the best K cup that will give you that unique coffee flavor, then look no further than Laughing Man Colombia Huila. The K cup is bursting with flavors such as bergamot and lime, and has quite the robust finish to boot.

Laughing Man also ensures that their K cups are fully eco-friendly. Since the materials are biodegradable, these K cups are also suitable for the environmentally conscious consumer.

14. Newman’s Own Organics Special Decaf Blend K Cups

A delightful medium roast from Newman’s, this one will not disappoint! In fact, I dare say this is one of the best medium roast coffees in the Newman’s range, even though it is decaf!

Newman’s Own Organic Special Decaf has a predominantly bold taste with lots of vibrant notes throughout. In other words, this decaf could be a daily drink, but it can also function as a special treat.

15. Eight O’Clock Original Decaf K Cups

Another coffee for Keurig machines you cannot miss out on is the Eight O’Clock Original Decaf K-cups. A medium roast made from the finest Arabica beans, this decaf blend delivers outstanding and fast coffee for a Keurig.

One of the things that makes this K cup stand out is the rather sweet flavor with hints of fruit. Who says a decaffeinated K cup has to be boring?

16. San Francisco Bay One Decaf K Cups

If the best K cup is a dark roast in your opinion, then you cannot miss out on the San Francisco Bay One Decaf. I especially enjoy the richness of this French roast, which can be difficult to achieve in a K-cup.

The powerful smokey flavor is another thing most consumers notice with this blend. I would also say that the superior and delightful aroma makes this one of the best decaf K cups around!

17. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Rolls Blend K Cups

Who can say no to some of the best K cups with a cinnamon roll flavor? I certainly can’t, which is why the Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Rolls blend made it in my overview of best K cups for Keurig.

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Rolls Blend is sweet, powerful, but also quite smooth. Since it also leaves a refreshing finish, I dare say this is quite the easy drinking K cup. Nevertheless, it can also be something special for your coffee loving friends.


K Cup Buying Guide

So, how do you find the best Keurig K cup for your needs? Coffee in pods can be more difficult to select, but it does not have to be impossible, especially if you follow my buying guide below!

Which K cup coffees are the best?

Roast level

The first thing to always look at is the roast level. Even if you never had K cup coffee before, you likely have a preference for a specific roast. Some prefer the lighter and more subtle flavors of the light roast, while others choose a dark roast for a little more bitterness.

Choosing a roast is a bare basic, this means you should look at the roast before you consider the type of K cups you will buy, e.g. breakfast blend, gourmet coffee, etc. In other words, the roast is the first thing you will look for in your K cups.


The brand does matter when it comes down to your K cup. Of course, the best-known brands do not always deliver the best K cups around.

For example, Starbucks used to have the least attractive range of K cups, so they would not have been worth considering several years ago. And while the brand has improved dramatically, it is just an example of why you should consider smaller companies as well.

Quality is not the only factor when it comes to choosing your brand. It is also a good idea to check how sustainable the coffee is you buy.

Some companies have a Rainforest Alliance Certification, while others do not. So, if you want to support coffee farmers as well as protect the environment, it is a good idea to do your research first and foremost.

Fortunately, most coffee manufacturers now support sustainable farming and trading practices. Nevertheless, there are a few brands that still do not meet those criteria for their K cups.


Cost can be a major factor for the consumer. After all, you want to purchase the K cups you need without breaking the bank. Fortunately, you do not always need to purchase the most expensive brand. As shown in this overview, the cost for K cups can be quite affordable, providing you know where to look.

How to brew a strong K Cup

There are a number of ways to get the most flavor from your K cup, but also to make it stronger. The easiest way to get a stronger flavor from your K cup is too use a darker roast. Since darker roasts generally have the stronger taste, it is much easier to get the strength you want from your K cup.

However, if dark roasts are not your thing, then there is another method you can use to get the most from your K cup. For example, if you prefer a light roast, simpy brew a smaller cup size. By using less water, your light roast will come out a little more flavorful then if you were to use a bigger cup.

Pros of K Cups

Now that I discussed the many delightful flavors you can get in a K cup, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect!

Lots of Variety

The most obvious advantage of K cups is the large variety of blends you can take advantage of. You can even obtain so-called variety packs, offering you a little bit of everything in terms of roast level and coffee flavor.

Variety can be a big plus for people who drink coffee on a daily basis. It enables you to discover new blends and flavors, but also makes sure that your coffee drinking experience stays interesting across the board.

Speed and Convenience

In addition to the variety you can get with K cups, you also get speed and convenience. Grinding coffee beans and brewing with a manual coffee maker can take some time, which is not ideal if you are in a rush in the morning.

Because of their general speed and convenience, you will not only find K cups in the average household, they are quite popular for office environments too. After all, nothing picks up your work tempo like a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Cons of K Cups

To ensure K cups are the right choice for you, it is always best to look at the pros as well as the cons. So without further ado, let us take a look at some of the downsides of the average K cup.

Lots of trash

Not all K cups are made from recyclable materials. And while some companies allow you to send back your empty cups for free, not all companies provide this service. In other words, you could be left with a bit of extra trash in your bin.

Cost can add up

While K-cups may seem like the most affordable option for your daily coffee upon first glance, they actually turn out to be more expensive in the long run. That being said, you do get speed, convenience, and variety in return.

Frequently asked questions

What is the strongest K cup coffee?

Strength can come down to brewing method and cup size. However, Keurig has listed some of the strongest coffee blends that might be worth exploring if you are looking for stronger brews. According to Keurig, the strongest K cup blend is currently Green Mountain Double Black Diamond Extra Bold.

What is the best medium roast K cup coffee?

This can be a point of contention depending on who you ask. If I had to pick my personal best medium coffee roast at this point, it would have to be the Green Mountain Colombia Select or the Barista Prime Colombia.

Do K-Cups expire?

Interestingly, K cups do not expire as long as the packaging remains intact. Obviously, this gives your coffee an incredible lifespan. Of course, this statement should be taken with a grain of salt. What I mean with that is that your coffee might not taste as fresh or as good as it came just from the roasters if you leave it laying around for too long. So, while K cups do not necessarily expire, they can taste a little “off”.
To avoid problems with your K cups, it is best to order no more than a month supply at a time. While your K cups cannot go off, they can lose their taste over time and simply not meet your expectations. But at the end of the day, the differences are quite minor.

Can you reuse K-Cups?

Reusing K cups is not recommended. Since the cups are designed for single use, a second use would deliver an extremely weak coffee. To get the most out of your K cups, you should always use them as intended.
That being said, some people reuse K cups to get the weaker coffee, often because they tend to experience some digestive distress with strong coffee. However, there are some blends that are much friendlier to the digestive system, and which have been mentioned in my overview.


K cups are a brilliantly fast and convenient invention, but that does not mean that your coffee know-how should go out the door. In fact, knowing your light roast, medium roast, and dark roasts can certainly enhance your experience with this brewing method.

To ensure you get the most from your K cups, also make sure you keep your Keurig machine well-maintained. Fortunately, you can clean the interior of your machine with a cleaning cycle. However, make sure that the exterior of the machine stays maintained as well, this includes removing any grime and dirt from the machine.

If you have never worked with a Keurig machine before, it can be a good idea to look up further tutorials on how to get the most from your K cups. While the overall brewing process is straightforward, there are some trick to the trade that can make your coffee even better.

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