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Bodum Santos Review (AKA Pebo): a superb vacuum coffee maker

The Bodum Santos, now known under the name Bodum Pebo, is definitely one of the top class coffee makers out there. If you are not familiar with it yet, no need to worry, because we will now provide you with a full Bodum Santos review that takes you through the ins and outs of this vacuum coffee maker.

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What’s the deal with the Bodum Santos?

When you look at the Bodum Santos coffee maker for the first time, you may wonder what it is. It looks quite different from modern coffee makers out there and resembles some of the equipment you may find in chemistry class.

Making coffee in this vacuum coffee maker is not just fun to watch though, it delivers some of the best tasting coffee too.

While this is a simple device, beginners may find it a little tricky to get started. After all, this device defies some of the principles you have commonly associated with coffee making in the past.

When you make coffee with this device, there is only one thing to keep an eye on, more specifically the temperature on the bottom carafe. If you overheat the carafe, it could ruin your coffee completely. So, make sure to keep a close eye on the brewing process for maximum result.

Capacity: 4/5

The Bodum Santos/Pebo is not so big. If you have a relatively small kitchen and do not have the room for a large coffee maker, you can still get a great coffee with the more compact Bodum Santos.

The Bodum can take coffee grounds for up to eight cups of coffee. So, even though it may look at a little smaller, the Santos vacuum coffee maker will still deliver quite a few cups.

In addition to the decent capacity, you do not have to worry about complicated buttons you would find with the average automatic coffee maker. Bottom line, the Bodum provides a no-fuss no-hassle brewing process.

Maintenance: 5/5

You do not have to do much research to see that the vacuum coffee pot is a lot easier to maintain than the average coffee machine. Compared to other coffee machines, the Bodum has a lot less in terms of little nooks and crannies.

So, keeping this coffee machine clean is as easy as one-two-three.

Glass coffee makers can be delicate, though, so make sure you are gentle as you clean it. Just warm water and soap should do the trick very nicely.

Good looks: 5/5

Many coffee devices can look a little ugly, and are therefore tucked away in the kitchen. Fortunately, you will not have to hide this device, as it has quite the clean look because of the use of glass. In addition to that, it looks like a cool experiment, not just your average coffee machine.

Because of the use of glass, you will find that this device fits in all types of kitchens. It will fit in a contemporary and modern kitchen just as much as it will in a traditional environment. So, no matter what kind of kitchen design you have, this device will fit into it perfectly.

Cost of the Bodum Santos: 4/5

Coffee makers don’t have to cost a ton of money. If you have good quality coffee beans and decent knowledge about coffee brewing methods, then most equipment can deliver some outstanding cups of coffee.

The Bodum Santos is actually one of the most affordable options when it comes to coffee machines. While it is not the cheapest on the market all-together, it’s still very competitive.

The current price for the Bodum Pebo/Santos is $69.99.

Many people claim that a cup of coffee coming from this machine is the best brew they ever had. When brewed correctly, you will get a brew with low bitterness and hardly any sediment.

The reason for that is undoubtedly the outstanding design of this machine. From the built-in filter to the thin glass, there are many reasons to love the design this device brings.


While we did have to look far for a negative, we did eventually find one for this device. One of the problems with this coffee machine is its overall durability.

To optimise the flavor of your brews, it is made from the thinnest glass. While that certainly benefits your brewing technique, it does not benefit the overall durability.

Please note that this device has been labelled as dishwasher safe. Nevertheless, we do not recommend putting this device in the dishwasher.

As the glass is rather delicate, it could easily get damaged in the cleaning process. If you want to avoid damage, we suggest handwashing it and rinsing it out with some cold water afterwards.

We must also mention that some customers have reported some problems with the filter of this device. However most reports talked about blockages, which could hint at the system needing to be maintained a little better.

If you do encounter problems with the filter of this device, you will find that there are other filters out there that can be used with this device.

So, if you don’t want to use the filter that comes with this device, you can easily find some alternatives online. Amazon tends to be the best place, as you can easily look at dimensions and functionality.

How to brew coffee with a siphon coffee maker

When you start working with a vacuum pot, you must make sure that you understand how it all works. So, let us elaborate.

The Vacuum pot needs to be placed on a heat source to perform its function, this is contrary to other coffee machines that have their own temperature regulator or those that use hot water. To get the most from this coffee machine, we suggest placing it on a stove or an alcohol lamp.

To start, add some water to the the carafe of this coffee brewer. Then, add it to the stove burner on a medium heat. It is important not to rush this, as medium heat over a longer period of time provides a much better coffee. You can also place the lid on the carafe to keep some of the vapor that is released.

While the water is getting warmer, you can add the filter and the coffee grounds in the top chamber. Take some of your ground coffee with a medium to coarse grind.

Once you have added your ground coffee, you only have to wait. The water from the bottom will pass into the top chamber. Once done, turn off the heat and your coffee will drop back into the bottom carafe. Then, it is ready for serving.

As you can see, making coffee with one of the vacuum pots is almost like a chemical reaction. It provides a lot more fun than the average coffee machine, and is a whole lot cheaper to boot!

Summary: Should You Get The Bodum Santos?

Our review has shown all the benefits this coffee machine is associated with. It has shown that you do not need to invest in the most expensive machine to get a decent brew.

Sometimes, the simple things are the best, so getting one of these machines inside your home is not a bad idea. After all, this particular model does not only provide some of the best coffee you’ll ever have, it also provides some fun entertainment while you wait for your brew!

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