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Nespresso Citiz Review: An inexpensive Nespresso Machine

With the Nespresso Citiz, the king of the pod coffee brings another interesting coffee machine on the market. If you are a lover of pod coffee, be sure to read on, as we are about to take a closer look at this coffee machine and find out if it is a worthy investment for your coffee drinks.

Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother by Breville, Silver

Nespresso Citiz Review

To ensure we fully evaluated this Nespresso machine, we have to explore various factors. Today, we look at important denominators such as performance, brewing quality, design, durability, maintenance and potential points for improvement.

The Nespresso has a fairly good reputation and has taken a huge part of the current coffee capsules market. Since the brand has a reputation to uphold, we are quite curious to see what the Citiz has to offer today. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this barista style espresso machine.

Overall Performance

The Nespresso Citiz has some interesting performance features to say the least! Firstly, the Citiz ensures a fast preheating time, taking only 25 seconds. There is also an energy efficient function, which means the Citiz will turn itself off after it has not been used for a while, more specifically after 9 minutes of inactivity.

And to make the success song of this nifty little espresso machine even better, it comes with a 19 bar pump system. In other words, barista quality in a compact espresso machine that can be kept in your kitchen. Some would argue that you do not really need 19 bar of pressure for pod coffee, but we disagree with that. In fact, we think it is the optimal pressure for maximum flavor and aroma.

You can make more than just espresso with the Nespresso Citiz though. Because of programmable options such as espresso and lungo, you can adjust the amount of coffee you get each cup. In addition to that, you can also make lattes and cappuccinos with the greatest ease.

it is difficult to provide a performance review on a pod coffee machine. As you know, it does not provide the same features as manual coffee machines, so you have to look at it from a very different perspective. The main thing to remember is that certain appliances are made for a specific type of consumer. For example, the performance of a Nespresso Citiz would not match someone with extensive barista skills, as they would expect the control and the precision of a manual machine. However, the performance of the Citiz would most definitely fit someone who likes a good cup of coffee but has no barista skills. So, this is certainly something to take into account when you read a review such as this one.

If you are more interested in manual coffee machines, then there are certainly options out there for you. In fact, you can even find some in the price range of the Nespresso Citiz. But, as with all manual coffee machines, it is definitely a good idea to do your research beforehand.

There are many features to choose from and prices can vary considerably, so knowing what you are looking for and matching your choice with your barista skills is often the advised choice.

Brewing Quality

While brewing quality is less of a factor with pod coffee, there are still variables to consider such as water temperature, pressure, and brewing time. Fortunately, the Citiz seems to have mastered those as well.

We must also mention that the Citiz is compatible with all Nespresso capsules. So, if you want to upgrade from a previous model, the Citiz coffee maker still allows you to brew all your favorites.

Of course, coffee aficionados already know that superior quality for a brew can only be obtained from a manual espresso maker. Nevertheless, there is most certainly a market for appliances such as this one. After all, not everyone has the brewing skills or the time to operate a manual coffee appliance. For those people, appliances such as the Nespresso Citiz are certainly a great addition to their home.


The design of the Citiz is quite retro, especially when you look at the front of the coffee machine. And while you can get the Citiz machine in multiple colours, we prefer the black one in terms of look by a mile.

One of the interesting things about the design of this Nespresso machine is the removable capsule container and the water tank. By being able to remove the capsule container and the water tank, you can easily clean the machine out after making an espresso or another beverage. Easy maintenance is always a big plus for us, especially for parts such as the water tank and pod container where used capsules need to be removed. It is even more important since this is a pod coffee machine.


You can recognise the durability of a good coffee machine by two things. First, the presence or absence of small parts. Second, the materials the espresso machine is made of.

When you look at most Nespresso machines, it quickly becomes clear that they do not contain a lot of small parts. And this is the same for their espresso Citiz machine. The benefit of this is that there is less chance of your machine breaking, since smaller parts are more prone to wear and tear.

The water reservoir is conveniently situated around the back of the espresso machine, which makes it less likely that it will get damaged. On the flipside, it also means that you need to put in a bit more effort to refill your water reservoir.

And the Nespresso coffee machine also scores really good in terms of overall construction. When you look at the general design, it is quite robust, so it could resist and accidental knock. Of course, it could be made just a little bit more robust by incorporating more stainless steel in the design.


One of the biggest benefits of this Nespresso machine is undoubtedly the easy maintenance. Given the lack of small parts, the removable drip tray and overall streamlined design, this is a very easy coffee machine to clean.

As with every coffee machine, this machine comes with an extensive manual that will give you some maintenance tips. We always advise consumers to follow these maintenance guidelines closely, especially since the manufacturer is already aware that certain cleaning products could influence their product negatively. If you stick to the guidelines, then you can enjoy this appliance for many years to come.


Nespresso Citiz vs Pixie

Points for improvement

While the espresso machine does score quite well in our book, there are some points of improvement the manufacturer could implement with future versions. The three points of improvement we have found relate to the water reservoir, price and the materials used for the espresso appliance.

The location of the water tank is around the back. While this is not necessarily a problem, this makes it a little more difficult to reach. The water tank itself also looks a little flimsy, so in terms of longevity it may not be the best. And while it may last many years, the material can make the reservoir appear dull and dirty over the course of time.

Finally, the last point of improvement, the price. While the Nespresso machine provides a good coffee and comes with 19 bar pressure that is arguably worth the price, you do have to consider the materials this coffee machine is made of. The espresso machine consists of plastic for the largest part, with only a few parts made from a more durable metal. You can find espresso machines with similar capabilities in the same price bracket with more features and made from stainless steel, so I guess you are somewhat paying for the brand here.

Verdict: should you buy a Nespresso Citiz?

The short answer to this question is a solid yes. The Nespresso Citiz provides decent quality coffee, is compatible with lots of coffee pods and is easy to maintain. It also has a relatively good lifespan and comes with a good warranty, so the Nespresso Citiz is a worthy investment in our book.

That being said, we would not rule out looking at other models completely. The price is a point of contention for us, especially since you can buy manual espresso machines for a similar price that provides you with more control over the brewing process. On the other hand, if you have few brewing skills and simply want a convenient and quick way to make a good cup of espresso or another coffee beverage, the Nespresso Citiz will be a solid choice.

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