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Nespresso Vertuoplus Review: Redemption For This Line?

If you are looking for a good single serve Nespresso machine, the Nespresso Vertuoplus should be a serious consideration. Of course, trusting in the popularity and overall feedback of the Nespresso Vertuoplus is not enough to make an informed decision about a new coffee maker.

So, we take a look at the Nespresso Vertuoplus today and decide if it is a worthy investment or not.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker by De'Longhi, Titan

Nespresso VertuoPlus Review

The Nespresso Vertuoplus review will look at the Vertuo plus coffee machines manufactured by DeLonghi as well as Breville. While there are some minor differences between the two where design is concerned, the overall performance, durability and other features remain the same across the board. So, let’s find out if the Nespresso Vertuoplus the coffee pods king or not.

Overall Performance

There is a reason for the popularity of Nespresso, and the overall performance of the coffee maker certainly contributes to that. For example, the water temperature is kept around the ideal temperature, although some models can give a reading that is slightly lower. Therefore, preheating your cup can negate this particular issue if you should encounter it.

One of our favorite things in terms of performance is the low noise levels of the Nespresso Vertuoplus. Some espresso machines can be noisy, which is the last thing you need early in the morning. Fortunately, you can count on low noise levels here.

Brewing Quality

Brewing quality is quite interesting. The Nespresso Vertuoplus contains so-called centrifusion technology. While this may mean nothing to you right now, it is actually one of the integral parts of this espresso machine.

The special technology included in the Nespresso uses centrifugal forces to extract more flavor from your coffee. Depending on the capsule you are using and the associated data, the machine will actually adjust the parameters for these centrifugal forces as well as other variables such as the water volume, temperature, infusion time, and other things that enable this coffee machine to get the most from a single coffee capsule.

The technology used in the Nespresso vertuo is truly marvellous and frankly outright impressive. While the world of “convenient” coffee has evolved over the years, the Nespresso Vertuo certainly takes things to the next level where coffee pod flavors are concerned.

Coffee lovers can come to expect quite a rich and flavorful result from each capsule. Compared to some of the lesser known brands out there, it certainly performs well because of the technology that is included in it.

Another big plus when it comes to brewing quality is the quick water heating time. Overall, it takes about 20 seconds to heat up the water. The brewing process itself does not even take sixty seconds, which means you can get several cups of coffee in quite a short timespan. So, larger households and offices will appreciate the speed this coffee machine brings.


Some serious thought has been put into the design of the Nespresso Vertuoplus. It is clear that the manufacturers maintained the sleek and compact design Nespresso is known for, making it suitable for people’s homes as well as offices and more.

Another feature we love in the design is the movable water reservoir. That’s right, you can actually move the water reservoir to meet your space needs. Since these Nespresso Vertuoplus machines often end up in smaller kitchens and office spaces, this is a design feature that cannot be underestimated.


The durability of the Nespresso Vertuoplus should not be underestimated either, and this has a lot to do with the overall design of the coffee machine. The Nespresso Vertuoplus is sleek and streamlined, with only a few small parts in the design. In other words, there is less chance of small parts breaking and your Vertuoplus failing prematurely.

Of course, you also have to look at the overall construction materials. Now, it is well known that Nespresso often uses recycled plastic for their espresso machine options, including one of their latest options the Vertuo Next. So, we were not surprised to find out that plastic was used for much of the Vertuoplus’ casing.

One of the downsides of plastic is that they are not as durable compared to other materials such as stainless steel. On the bright side, plastic can take a bit of punishment and is far from brittle or easily breakable. Nevertheless, our personal preference for the common coffee machine will always be stainless steel.


This is one of the big “pluses” (if you forgive the pun” of the Vertuoplus. Easy maintenance is almost synonymous with the Nespresso brand name. Fortunately, this is no different for the Nespresso Vertuoplus.

As soon as your coffee capsule is used, the Nespresso Vertuoplus will automatically pop it in the capsule container. There is also a self-cleaning feature with the Vertuoplus, which you can start by pressing the power button quickly three times. For the cleaning cycle, you will notice an orange light during operation. The overall cleaning does not take longer than five minutes.

Please note that the exterior of the Vertuoplus should be cleaned with a damp cloth regularly. While this is something that is often ignored by consumers, doing so will keep the coffee machine in a pristine condition for a long time.

Finally, you will also find that the Nespresso Vertuoplus also has a descaling option. If you live in an area that has hard water, be sure to use this descaling option on a regular basis. Please only use a special descaling solution for the Nespresso Vertuoplus, as the manufacturer does not recommend the use of vinegar.

Points for improvement

After testing the Nespresso Vertuo, we did come up with some point of improvement. While the coffee machine is quite impressive already, here are some of the points we want Nespresso to take on board for any updated versions.

One of the issues we experienced during testing was a lower water temperature than expected. This could potentially be caused by the water being aerated as it runs though the coffee machine. While you could prevent issues with flavor and aroma by preheating your coffee cup, not everyone has access to the tools to do so. For the money you pay for a Nespresso, the water temperature should definitely be on point in the future.

Another issue we had with the Nespresso is the price of the accompanying capsules, although you could state that this is an issue with Nespresso coffee capsules in general. If you drink a lot of coffee every day, then the cost of your coffee pods could start to pile up quickly after a while. Yes, the brand does provide an incredible range, but the price per pod is still a bit too high to our liking..

When it comes to pods, not all pods currently being sold by Nespresso are compatible with this coffee machine and that is a bit of a problem. After all, the barcodes on the pods actually determine the brewing settings of your coffee machine. If you only have a limited choice of capsules, it makes the feature much less impressive.

And finally, after comparing the Vertuo to other coffee machine options available from Nespresso, it is obvious that the Vertuo is not the most durable option of them all. Even though this is supposed to be an “upgraded” version, you get surprisingly less in return in terms of upgrades. In fact, the older versions offer similar capabilities and provide you with more of a range in terms of pods. In addition to that, the Vertuo seems to be a bit more flimsy because of the heavy plastic use. While it scores well in terms of durability on its own, once you compare the Vertuo to other models, the durability does seem a bit lacking.

Verdict: should you buy a Nespresso VertuoPlus?

If you already own an Nespresso machine with similar capabilities, we do not think the Vertuo is worth the upgrade. On the other hand, if you do not own one and can get a sweet discount in terms of price, it could be a decent coffee machine to have in your house.

While the capsule range of the Vertuo is somewhat lacking at this point, there is no denying that it makes quite an excellent cup of coffee. True, there are many points that could be improved when it comes to this model and we would not recommend paying full price for it. On the other hand, if you can get it on a sale and you do not mind spending the regular price for capsules, then the Vertuo could be a welcome addition to your home.

And while we mention that it can be more expensive to run compared to other brands, the Vertuo is still a great option for larger households or offices. The reason for that is its quick operation and easy maintenance. So, while the pods are still a bit expensive, it is convenient and quick.

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