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Kaldi Coffee Roaster Review(High End Yet Practical Roaster)

Today a considerable number of coffees and coffee products are available in the market. You can get a decaf, a cappuccino, a latte and many others. But what I discovered lately about myself recently is that all those types are not “me coffee”.

By “me coffee” I mean – coffee which is tailor made for me. I was gifted a DeLonghi KG79 Electric Coffee Grinder by my father, and the grounded beans’ aroma, taste, and strength made me realize that if you craft your coffee from start to finish, it is altogether a new experience. An experience you can never enjoy in coffee-shops. The “eureka” moment for me, was now to roast my own coffee beans.

I extensively searched for the best coffee roaster, changed a few, and stopped at Kaldi Coffee Roaster.

KALDI Home Coffee Roaster Motorize Type Full Package Including Thermometer, Hopper, Probe Rod, Chaff Holder (Gas Burner Required)

So what exactly does it mean to roast coffee beans at home?

Home roasting coffee beans – “is the process of roasting small batches of green coffee beans for personal consumption.” “The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.”

You can always get the best coffee beans in the market, but nothing beats your own roasted ones.

Home-roasted coffee beans by you are always more fresh and have flavor complexities and intricacies not found in store-bought coffee.

A study concludes that “Green coffee bean retains its full flavor for about two years.

However, once it has been roasted, it loses flavor in just three days.”

So just imagine how much flavor has been lost in the coffee beans bought by you, which were roasted months ago, and kept over the shelf since days!

The only way you can enjoy the full flavor of coffee is to roast it at home, and you will understand the difference of fresh roasted beans and the ones you buy from the market, until you try roasting once.

Another very important reason to roast the beans at home is that you have control in the over-all coffee making process – over each and every step.

Today- gourmet at-home coffee drinkers are increasing, and there are basically two important reasons for this – primarily they want finer control over the quality and features of the beverage they consume. They want coffee crafted specifically for them and hence – by them. And second reason is that it serves an economic advantage. You will be surprised to know how much inexpensive home-made roasted and grind coffee beans can be.

Becoming a home roaster enables you to enjoy the smell of freshly roasted coffee and facilitates you to make your coffee to your exact preferences, but home roasting isn’t easy, if you are using a pan, or an oven or a popcorn popper. And secondly roasted beans are not evenly roasted by these equipment.

All these concern resolve with a roaster, and if it its motorized, than you just need to put it over gas and hassle free enjoy the roast. Not many motorized roasters are available in the market, and definitely not one like Kaldi Roaster. It is undoubtedly the best, because of its beautiful and strong built, and many controls it offer.

Know Your Kaldi Better

Kaldi – a Korean company – is one of the earliest Coffee Roaster manufacturers in Korea. They are in this business since three decades and since then; they grew into a great unit, mainly specializing in coffee roasting machines. The owner is reputed as – “The Korean godfather of charcoal-roasted coffee.”

A lot many Kaldi roasters today are available in the market, Fortis being their very popular one.

This roaster is their newest product in the market, surpassing all the prior ones because of its enhanced features.

This stainless steel roaster comes with a:

  • Mesh Plate – Role of a mesh plate is to completely burn the gas, so that no flames enter the air drum.
  • Perforated Drum – This is where the beans are rotated and roasted.
  • Hopper – This is where the green beans are initially placed.
  • Thermometer – To measure the temperature of the beans, providing you control over the roast quality.
  • Sampler – This is the outlet for the roasted beans, by removing the sampler, you can check by observing the beans color whether they are roasted to your desire.
  • Chaff Plate – This is a plate which collects the debris of the cocoa beans.

Here is a bifurcated and labeled diagram of the machine and its parts.

General Product Description

Size 160(W) x200 (D)x 300mm(H)
Weight 4.1kg
RPM (Revolutions per minute) 60/50:1 reducer
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 200g, Max.: 250g
Thermometer 250°C
Stirring drum size (diameter) 120mm x 115mm, thickness: 2mm

Electrical Consumption

Rated voltage DC 12V. 6W
DC power supply input-AC110~220V,
Output-DC 12V 1000Ma

How to roast coffee at home with Kaldi?

Before pouring green beans into your Kaldi Roaster, here are a few basic concepts you need to look out for.

  • Check for the green beans, so that no spoiled ones enter the machine. It will not harm the machine, but will definitely spoil your taste.
  • Open the windows, so that an outflow is made available for the smoke.
  • Make sure that the gas burner tray is bigger than the bottom of the machine.
  • Check that mesh plates and hopper are properly fit.
  • Connect the DC power supply, and place the roaster on the stove top. Turn on the gas and turn the knob to medium.
  • Start the roasting! The machine is full motorized so you don’t need to stir. The machine has a rotator, so that all the beans are evenly roasted.
  • You can check the roasting situation (more on that later), by pulling the sampler out, make sure to properly fit it back onto the groove.
  • Listen for the cracklings – As the beans begin to roast, the water inside them will begin to evaporate, this causes a crackling sound. Generally there are two sounds – first and second cracking. These two sounds occur as the temperature rises while the roasting occurs.
  • Roast it for 7-8 minutes, and after the roasting is complete remove the sampler and discharge the beans from the inlet.
  • You have roasted the beans. You’ll enjoy the smell of freshly roasted coffee and the sight of those beans in your cooling tray.
  • Once cooled, you are now ready to grind the beans and then enjoy the coffee knowing that you – and only you had a hand in its development.

Roast as per your desire in Kaldi

As the machine is fully motorized, the only thing you are left with – is to control the quality of roast.

The length of your roast depends on the color of the beans. The beans will go through an array of colors starting from green to brown and ending on dark brown nearly black, and every shade has its own distinct taste.

  • Light brown: Light brown color beans are generally avoided as the body is weaker, and the aroma is also not to its optimum. The main reason though is that it results in sour taste coffee.
  • Light-medium brown: Easter United States prefers this roast. It has a full body, a full aroma, and is mildly sweet.
  • Full medium brown: This is the roast of the Western United States. The only difference between light and full medium is the aroma. The later has a strong smell as compared to medium one.
  • Medium-dark brown: Commonly known as a Light French or Viennese roast this roast has a full grown body, strong aroma, and strong sweetness.
  • Dark brown: This is espresso or French coffee. It has a full body, a medium aroma, and a full sweetness. Note the aroma as it disintegrates as the heat increases.
  • Very dark (nearly black): This is Spanish and Dark French coffee. Its specifications are – It has a weak body, a mild aroma (less than dark brown), and a low sweetness.


Quick Tip – Apply a coating of oil (butter) and a small amount of sugar prior to roasting. This will produce a “butter roast”, resulting in a caramelized coating on the beans. Vietnamese roast coffee this way, and it is very-very tasty.

Remember – The darker the bean the fuller the body of the bean. So when you are roasting beans in this machine, it is always advisable to look for the desired taste, and aroma you prefer, and you can make that by taking a look at the body and color of the beans. Easily take out the sampler, look for the beans and then put it back in. For ease of its (machine) use, and proper handling directions I am providing you with a link to its user manual.

Why buying Kaldi is best for you?

So now the big question, is it best for you? Personally it was the coffee roaster for me. Because of the several controls, a strong and finished body, low electrical consumption, several coffee lovers have opted for it. So my advice for you will be – GO FOR IT.

You will really enjoy the process of roasting, and definitely enjoy the coffee.

Look to what customers said about this machine and do not forget to describe your experience below their comments.

“This has consistently given me tasty roasts.”

“I really love this roaster.”

“The craftsmanship on it is incredible and it is super quiet.”

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