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As a coffee lover, you are probably no stranger to coffee subscription boxes, each bringing something unique to the table. One of the most popular subscription boxes and one you should definitely consider is Atlas Coffee Club. If you are curious about Atlas and are considering joining up, be sure to read through our Atlas Coffee Club review first.

atlas coffee club review

What is special about Atlas Coffee Club?

When it comes to coffee selection, Atlas Coffee Club provides one of the most diverse selections out there. Atlas sources coffee beans from a variety of countries, some of which you might be unfamiliar with yet. If you are a coffee lover, then this is an exciting prospect.

Atlas Coffee Club prides itself on searching for the finest coffee beans across the globe, looking at more than fifty countries. From Costa Rica and Brazil to Ethiopia and Colombia, there is much to discover when you choose Atlas Coffee Club.

It is also worth mentioning that subscribers to get access to beans from areas such as Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, and Burundi. Evidently, these beans are more difficult to come by at your local coffee shop, so they can provide some unique flavors and aromas for even experienced coffee drinkers.

Every shipment of their coffee is a unique educational experience, and Atlas gets you access to micro-lot coffees that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Check out their subscription service here

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Flavor Variety

As a coffee connoisseur, you want to have access to coffee with more intricate flavors. Fortunately, this is also something you get with Atlas.

As the coffee is sourced around the globe, you can expect to encounter unique tasting notes such as dark chocolate, coconut, nougat, green apple, black tea and so much more.

With Atlas, every selection of coffee you receive is a surprise and a delight. Compared to some of the other clubs, this is a welcome surprise, as true coffee connoisseurs always want something a little more luxurious to enjoy.

Atlas’ subscription service

The Atlas Coffee Club mainly offers coffee subscription boxes and a subscription service, this means you can sign up and receive a marvellous selection of beans or ground coffee at your doorstep. However, there is much more to the service than that, and we can honestly say it left us more than impressed.

Options for customization

Firstly, you can select the number of bags you wish to receive per shipment. So, with the Atlas Coffee Club, you can go for as much or as little as half a bag of coffee, a single bag, or a double bag. You also have the option to order more coffee from around the world under your subscription, although you do need to contact them first to set this up.

Another great feature with this subscription is that you can choose how often you want your coffee to arrive.

You can choose between a delivery every two weeks or every four weeks, meeting your individual coffee needs.

And the next feature is what we are really impressed with, more specifically the ability to choose between different roast types.

Thanks to the roast preference on your subscription, you automatically get beans of your selected roast type. At the moment, you can select “light to medium” and “medium to dark”, which is amazing for coffee lovers who have clear preferences for a particular roast.

For example, I prefer medium roasts, and having the ability to request a regular variety of a particular roast is a huge plus.

If you are joining the Atlas Coffee Club to get a well-rounded offering of roast coffee, you can also choose “all roast types”. Evidently, choosing the latest option delivers you a mix of roast coffee throughout your subscription.

Finally, you also get to choose between whole bean or ground roast coffee. While the whole bean roast coffee will always provide you the best flavor, as you can grind them just before brewing, some folks may prefer ground coffee as it can be a little more convenient when time is tight.

Overall, the subscription at Atlas Coffee Club is quite streamlined and straightforward, which is certainly something that can count on our appreciation. The only thing we really miss is the ability to select both ground and whole bean coffee. However, I do believe it is something that you could arrange if you contacted the Atlas Coffee Club via email.

Still, it would be useful to have that option, especially if you need a mixture of both.

Price and Quality

So, how is the price versus quality ratio at Atlas Coffee Club? Well, considering the different origins of the whole beans – as they are sourced from around the world – and the superior flavors in a single bag of their coffee, we think the price is quite decent for what you are getting.

As we mentioned earlier, Atlas coffee focusses on obtaining single-origin coffee from around the world, which delivers a bag of coffee of exceptional quality. So, the price is right, but so is the quality of this single-origin coffee.

The only real downside when it comes to price quality ratio is that you do have to pay for your shipments on top of your subscription cost.

While this is eventually included, it does give a rather skewed view of the actual price and could discourage some customers taking the subscription. That being said, even with the subscription fee, the overall price at Atlas Coffee Club is very decent.

Packaging And Presentation

This is something else that really stood out for us when we started the review of Atlas. When you take a closer look at each of the bag of single-origin coffee they distributed to members in the past, you will notice that each bag comes with a unique design.

In fact, the design of each bag is modelled after the country the whole beans are obtained from.

In addition to the marvellous packaging, you also receive a postcard, tasting notes, and some additional brewing tips to ensure you get the most out of your monthly coffee.

Now, this shows an incredible amount of passion for coffee, but also an incredible eye of detail that makes their club well-worth joining.

Does Atlas Have Any Downsides?

We have looked at many coffee suppliers and subscription services in the past, and this is honestly one of the best ones we have come across. Evidently, this made it a lot more difficult to find anything negative to mention.

If we have to dig really deep for something negative, the only real thing we can mention is the shipping cost. If the subscription did not contain any additional shipping, then Atlas is absolutely perfect.

Of course, companies have to make their money somehow, so we do understand the shipping charges. As we said earlier, we had to find at least one negative to provide a balanced review, which explains our hard judgement on the shipping costs.

Additional Information Provided By Atlas

If you should decide to become a member of Atlas, it is also a good idea to take full advantage of their website. After having a decent look around, we noticed that the website contained a number of interesting resources, perfect for anyone who is just starting out with artisanal coffee, but also those who are looking to expand on their knowledge.

One section to check out especially is the brewing guide on the website. The brewing guide contains pretty much everything you need to know about brewing the coffee you receive in the post; this goes from using a French press to the Aeropress.

You will also find a bunch of interesting brewing articles in this section. From brewing coffee without a machine to getting a perfect cup of joe every single time. You can find all this information and so much more in the brewing section.

Conclusion: Are coffee subscription boxes worth it?

If you are an avid coffee drinker who visits various coffee shops weekly to get a premium selection of coffee beans can find amazing value by joining a coffee club.

Not only does it provide access to some exclusive coffee beans, it brings more convenience to your coffee drinking experience too.

Of course, if you only drink coffee once in a blue moon, it is still best to get your coffee from your local coffee shop. However, if you are passionate about coffee and the surrounding coffee culture, then clubs and coffee subscriptions are worth looking into.

Check out their subscription service here

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