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Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo: 7 Reviews

Do you love both coffee and espresso, but don’t have the room or budget for two separate machines? This list of the best coffee and espresso maker combos may just be the thing for you!

Coffee and espresso combo machines are a bit contentious in the coffee world, as many manufacturers have tried to come out with machines that ended up falling short.

However, there are a few good ones out there which you can see below:

Best Drip Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo

1. De’Longhi Combination Pump Espresso and Drip Coffee Machine

This machine from De’Longhi provides a perfect combo by providing a clear separation between drip coffee and espresso. It also comes with good features, so you do not have to compromise on the quality of your coffee and espresso.

The De’Longhi coffee and espresso maker would score well among other espresso machines. It comes with an industry-standard 15-bar pressure pump to pull delicious shots for espresso, latte, and cappuccino.

On the other side, you will find the traditional drip coffee maker, so you can even use both at the same time.

This coffee and espresso machine also has an integrated milk frother so it’s really an all-in-one suite. It even includes its own water filter to make sure your brewed coffee is pure every time.


  • Programmable timer for drip coffee
  • Functional milk frother makes great milk for cappuccinos and lattes


  • One of the two sides have been reported to stop working after some time

2. Ninja CM401 Specialty Coffee Maker

With the Ninja Speciality Fold-Away Coffee Maker, youcan make several types of coffees including speciality coffees with the same coffee maker.

It should be noted that this machine can’t make a proper espresso shot – it’s actually meant to brew a concentrated coffee that can be used as a base for cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, mochas, and the like.

The Nunja CM401 coffee maker contains its own milk frother. Since you can make lots of combination coffee recipes that require milk, you will need that milk frother to create the perfect brew.

You can also choose between a glass carafe and a thermal carafe. If you have the budget, we definitely suggest getting the thermal carafe model. Thermal carafes are much more effective at keeping coffee hot.

Glass carafes are alright if you drink the coffee right away, but if you leave it on the warming plate for too long, your coffee will slowly overcook.

Finally, the Ninja Speciality Fold-Away Frother has also been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

To get this certification, coffee makers and espresso machines need to meet very strict requirements. In other words, you know you are buying quality when a coffee maker has this certification.


  • Ninja machines are super high quality
  • Can brew iced coffee too
  • Good frother for velvety milk


  • Can’t brew a proper espresso shot

3. AICOOK Espresso Machine And Coffee Maker

If you are looking for an espresso maker combo that gives you a little easier maintenance, we can recommend the AICOOK Espresso machine.

This is a combo espresso and coffee machine, which means you can make drip coffee, espresso, as well as lattes and cappuccinos in minimal time.

Like the other models mentioned in our list, this espresso machine comes with its own milk frother.

However, the milk frother on this machine is a steam wand, which is a slightly more manual method of steaming milk. However, this gives you the most control over your steamed milk and you can really texture it the way you want.

The AICOOK Espresso Machine also has a removable water tank, which makes it easier to keep the coffee machine clean.

This coffee and espresso machine also has a self-priming system. It provides two individual thermostats, one for water and the other one for steam.

In other words, you don’t need to wait to steam milk as the heating element is separate for both sides.

Also, when you want to ensure you can enjoy your coffee espresso maker for a long time to come, it is always best to look out for a decent warranty.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that with this machine, as it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Removable water reservoir


  • Holes in filter are quite large
  • Nozzle is high so espresso tends to splash

4. Espressione EM-1040 Stainless Steel Espresso and Coffee Maker Combo

If you like the sleek look of stainless steel you often find in the coffee shop, you can still obtain your combination coffee in the convenience of your home thanks to the Espressione.

With its streamlined look and stellar features, you can make sure your coffee is ideal every time.

The Espressione brings quite a few features to the table. However, one of the most interesting things about this espresso and coffee maker is that they can use both ground coffee and coffee pods.

Most coffee makers are either made for ground coffee or pods, so it is rare to find an espresso and coffee machine that does both inside your home!

When you want superior temperature control for the brewing process, Espressione coffee makers are the best choice as well. Espressione coffee makers come with electronic temperature control, enabling you to control everything with one selector knob and four buttons.

Finally, it is important to mention that the home coffee machine can deliver barista grade coffee quite easily.

In fact, if you want the perfect espresso, you can use the pre-brewing function as well as the electronic temperature control to give you the perfect brew from the comforts of your own home.


  • 19 bar pump
  • Can brew two shots of espresso into two separate cups


  • Takes a while to heat up

5. Miele CM5300 Coffee system

The Miele CM5300 is the most high end system in this list. While it is actually a dedicated one-touch espresso machine, it has made our list because you can brew a pot of coffee with up to 8 cups as well.

The Miele is super expensive, but it’s really awesome. You do have the ability to customize some settings but the machine really shines in it’s one-touch system.

You just add beans into the hopper, water into the reservoir, milk into its reservoir, and you’ll have a beautiful cup of espresso or cappuccino ready for you to enjoy.

It’s a super futuristic machine and is super convenient for parties and social gatherings where people can just go up to the machine, press a button, and enjoy coffee.

Although the operation is quite automated, the drip tray and brew system are removable and can be washed very easily so you don’t need to worry about maintenance.


  • Super easy one touch operation
  • Brews superb espresso and coffee
  • One-touch cappuccinos and lattes
  • Built-in grinder


  • Very expensive!

6. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee and Cappuccino Maker Combo

The last machine on our list is the Keurig K-Cafe, which is a new single serve model from Keurig that has a built in milk frother.

It is compatible with all single serve Keurig K-Cups and while it does not brew proper espresso, it can actually brew pretty good specialty coffee thanks to the built in milk frother.

The frothing system is really interesting. You fill the frothing jug with milk, place it in position, and the machine will froth it. You can then pour the frothed milk into your coffee for a latte or cappuccino.

In that sense, the Keurig K-Cafe is much like the Ninja machine we reviewed above, as they don’t make dedicated espressos.

The K-Cafe will make a concentrated coffee from whatever K-Cup you put in it. For best results, use a darker roast as the flavor will be much richer and will come through the milk.

If you’re not in the mood for a specialty coffee, the K-Cafe can make regular K-Cup coffee too.


  • Makes great foamy, velvety milk
  • Choice of hundreds of K-Cups
  • You can use ground coffee with the reusable K-Cup
  • Cold frothed milk option for iced drinks


  • Not a proper bar espresso machine
  • Some people feel Keurig isn’t “real” coffee

7. Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is another pod-based coffee and espresso maker combo. While Nespresso was originally synonymous with espresso pods, the VertuoLine machines were developed specifically to brew bigger coffees.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus can brew 5 sizes of coffee all the way from espresso to a massive 12 ounce Gran Lungo.

There are different pods available for the kind of beverage you want. So if you were looking to have both espresso and coffee ready, you could just pick up some espresso pods and some Alto or Gran Lungo pods, both of which brew full cups of coffee.

It’s worth noting that Nespresso VertuoLine is not really “drip” coffee. It’s indeed a bigger serving of coffee that is closer in taste to regular coffee than an espresso.

For fans of lattes and cappuccinos, you can pick up the optional Nespresso Aeroccino to froth milk. You may even be able to find a bundle deal for a small discount.


  • Very convenient
  • Brews many types of coffee
  • Lots of different pods available


  • Pods are expensive
  • You’re locked into the Nespresso ecosystem

The difference between drip coffee and espresso

Drip coffee and espresso are both made from coffee beans, but the similarities pretty much end there.

Drip coffee is brewed by dripping water over a bed of coffee grounds in a cone-shaped filter. The water slowly drips through the coffee grounds, absorbing the coffee oils and flavor compounds on the way down.

The paper filter prevents any coffee grounds from getting into the coffee. The resulting coffee is very clean and smooth, and the taste is quite balanced.

Drip coffee is what you find in most offices, diners, and restaurants.

Espresso is brewed by forcing highly-pressurized water through a tightly compacted(tamped) puck of coffee grounds. The grounds themselves are very fine: almost a powdery consistency.

Because the grounds are packed together so tightly, a very high amount of pressure is needed to force the water through them. The water passes through very quickly in a matter of seconds, but due to the pressure, a lot of flavors and oils are absorbed.

The result is a thick and intense shot of coffee.

Espresso can be used as a base to make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, mochas, and the like.

What to look for in a drip coffee and espresso combo

When shopping around for a drip coffee and espresso maker combo, what features should you look for?

If you’re even in the market for something like this, one of the most important features for you is probably convenience.

As such, you want to get a machine that is most convenient! Pod machines like the Keurig and Nespresso are both incredibly quick and easy, and brew a lot of beverages at the touch of a button.

Is it better to choose a combo or two separate machines?

It all depends on how specialised you want your espresso or coffee. While a combo can certainly deliver similar results, you can find much more advanced features with separate machines.

Unless you’re running short on space, I think having two separate machines will always brew more authentic coffee.

If you’re really serious about your coffee, you’ll enjoy the added control you get from having a dedicated dripper and a dedicated espresso/cappuccino machine.

However, the price point is quite attractive for combo machines(aside from the Miele of course), and you may find that it’s better to get a medium-level combo than two separate entry level machines.

Personally, I would stick to having two separate machines as you can pick up a really good espresso machine like the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista for under $150 and a decent drip machine for less than $50.

If convenience trumps everything else for you, then the Keurig K-Cafe or the Ninja is an unbeatable choice. You’ll just have to live with not being able to have a proper espresso, and stick to cappuccinos and lattes instead.

Frequently asked questions

Can you brew regular coffee in an espresso maker?

You can’t brew drip coffee in an espresso maker, but you can make a similar drink called an Americano by diluting an espresso shot with 6 ounces of water.

Can you brew espresso in a regular coffee maker?

You can’t make espresso in a drip machine, but you can make strong and concentrated brews in french presses and Moka pots.

Can you brew regular coffee in a Nespresso machine?

Nespresso machines don’t brew regular coffee, but Nespresso VertuoLine machines have an option for a large beverage similar to a serving of drip coffee.

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