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Vietnam is the second largest exporter for coffee and related products. Vietnam produces more than a million tons of coffee annually.

The market for Vietnamese Coffee is on a rise and some experts even predict that it will give a tough time to Arabica Coffee in the near future. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best Vietnamese coffee brands and companies to try.

The Vietnamese coffee culture was revolutionized post colonization – when the locals tasted and adopted as their favorite brew.

Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands

1. Trung Nguyen Coffee

If you search for Vietnamese coffee you will see Trung Nguyen ranked first in most of the results. This is hands-down the best Vietnamese coffee brand and heavily popular both locally and internationally.

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee is an international brand and a highly-trusted one. They have been in the coffee business since 1961. Trung Nguyen cultivates and roasts coffee beans in their own farms. The after cultivation process till its packaging is all monitored in-house.

Nguyen coffee is preferred for its aroma, and deep Vietnamese traditional flavor. The coffee resembles a lighter shade of french toast blended with Vietnamese taste.

Unlike other brands which are mostly dominated by Robusta Beans – Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee has a mixture of Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Catimor.

If you are new to Robusta Beans or Vietnamese coffee, then go with this one. It is a definite delight especially if you prepare it the Vietnamese way.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very little acidity


  • Can have a bit of an aftertaste

2. Chestbrew Coffees

If you are not a fan of Robusta but want strong yet smooth coffee then go for Chestbrew Coffees.

This enterprise is a result of two deep coffee lovers MINH TRAN and TERESA MA. Supposedly they both are not originally from Vietnam, but they entered the coffee business primarily because for their personal cravings for Vietnamese coffees.

Chestbrew coffees are completely made from Arabica Beans. These beans are grown in special fields dedicated for Arabica ones to keep the flavor intact. Basically Chestbrew offers you Arabica infused with Vietnamese flavors.

After Trung Nguyen – Chestbrew is preferred by a lot of coffee lovers. Basically because Arabica is also very popular among them. And also because Chestbrew offers exotic and strong Vietnamese flavor along with Arabica.

Note – Chesbrew is also consumed as iced coffee just as it is consumed as a how water one. Some see this brand as a specialty in iced coffees. So you can prepare a cold beverage too using Chestbrew.


  • Superb taste
  • Very intense


  • Not cheap

3. Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix

Vinacafe is an affiliate of the Vietnam National Coffee Corporation and hence abbreviated “Vinacafe”.

A national brand – Vinacafe produces and distributes some of the best Veitnamese instant coffee mix packs. And to your very surprise Vinacafe products have received Highest Quality Vietnamese Product title many a times.

Vinacafe coffee products are very popular for Instant Mixes. It is best if you just want to have a cup of Vietnamese coffee that tastes good but that doesn?t take too long to prepare.

Generally coffees are not preferred as Instant Mixes. Drinkers want to brew and consume – so that the thickness and flavor is not affected. However Vinacafe Instant Mix stands out – in offering the same taste and texture of a brewed coffee.

You can have both Arabica and Robusta in Vinacafe 3-in-1 instant Mixes. They also have a Premium quality packaging named as Gold Premium and Original Premium. Both these packages offer Arabica and Robusta as well. If you want to first taste and then go for the premium ones – then buy the Regular 3-in-1 Instant Mix Pack.


  • Ready to go drink
  • Good even though it’s instant


  • It is after all instant coffee

4. Lang Thang Coffee Co.

This brand is a local Vietnamese production with their farms in Saigon. Lang Thang Group has a variety of other products and apparels as well but their specialization is Coffee.

The signature product by them is their very famous “Saigon Phin Dhalak”. As different their name sounds so is the coffee’s taste. It is a blend of Arabica, soy and peaberry – all of them grown in local Vietnamese farms in Tay Nguyen.

The coffee is custom-roasted and you can enjoy it as a French Press or as Phin Produce. The beverage like the Chestbrew’s tastes best as iced coffee. Although you have hot water option too.

Consumers like the super rich aroma and are also fans for the coarseness of coffee’s beans. It is available as Pre-ground coffee in 12oz resealable bag. Usually the coffee is praised for its caffeine experience and a peculiar aftertaste. The peaberry blend makes the cup even more enchanting.


  • High caffeine


  • Ground very fine so not suitable for a phin
  • Contains artificial flavorings

5. VN Roaster

VN Roaster is the latest entry in the Vietnamese coffee market. The company was established recently in 2010 – but has already made its appearance in the top listings for Vietnamese coffee beans.

This establishment has its farms located in country’s coffee capital – Dak Lak. They cultivate and roast their own seeds – and generally sell Arabica ground coffee.

VN Roaster Coffee is specially roasted in butter. And this is the reason they are famous for. You can have a butter roast and a cinnamon roast – and both offers an extraordinary flavor to Vietnamese bean.

You can have also VN Roaster’s Robusta Pack – which is a limited product by this franchise. Their Robusta is a beautifully roasted strong coffee which will guarantee you a wonderful experience.


  • Buttery, chocolatey flavor


  • Buttery flavor may be overpowering for some!

6. Len’s Coffee

Len’s Coffee – “Purveyors of Vietnamese, Island, and Volcanic Coffees” is an exotic brand. They are a 100% Direct-Trade-unit. And one of the most expensive brands.

Len’s Coffee – imports coffee plants from all over the world and then blend it with their own roasts and aromas. Their signature Harlequin Roast – is a must taste. They are known to receive many awards for their out of the ordinary blend methods.

You receive a Kit with the purchase which has special instructions for different style of preparations. The kit also includes a brief history leaflet for country’s coffee culture, and also a can of condensed milk.


  • Full-featured kit


  • Expensive

Editor’s Note:

This kit is no longer available on Amazon. However, you can buy just the coffee beans, sweetened condensed milk, and a phin separately.

What kind of coffee is used in Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is more Robusta and very little Arabica. You must have tasted the sweet Arabica. Robusta coffee is just opposite of that. Robusta is stronger and bitter than its cousin.

90 to 95 percent of the annual Vietnam coffee production is less refined Robusta beans. This is because Vietnam is not the most favorable of the lands to grow Arabica beans.

Robusta can grow in harsh climates too. Plus, the yield of Robusta is far more concentrated than Arabica.

What is different about Vietnamese coffee

Coffee in Vietnam is called cà phê. Right from the beginning that is the cultivation of the beans till the final cup of coffee everything is an art to the Vietnamese. And they take their coffees very seriously.

One of the most fascinating part about this region is that they tend to be as environmental as possible. Cultivating and processing coffees can sometimes do serious damage to the ozone and other parts of the surroundings.

However Vietnam Locals grow every bean of their production with a minimum to no harm to the environment.

How is Vietnamese coffee made?

Mostly Robusta beans are cultivated in Vietnam region. The Vietnamese style of brewing coffee does not worry too much about highly refined coffee, hence you will find the local earth minerals taking part in their coffees.

The beans are then roasted but not until they are brown and dark. This keeps the original oils and Robusta flavor intact. Then the beans are ground to perfect coarseness so that they blend perfectly with the liquids.

Trung Nguyen – a Vietnamese coffee brand is a perfect example of coarsely ground Vietnamese coffee.

As Robusta beans powder has a bitter taste – sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks are used to sweeten it up. The hot water brewing method is not unique but the brew is left to thicken. The final deliciously thick, sweet brew is then poured in a phin. Phin is basically a filter, but it is specially used for drip coffee.

And then it is served as a cuisine and a delicacy.

This preparations results in the best coffee that you are ever going to taste in your whole coffee drinking experiences.

If you’ve ever tried Vietnamese Coffee, let us know your experience in the comments!

Frequently asked questions

What makes Vietnamese coffee different?

Vietnamese coffee is mostly Robusta beans, which are much stronger than Arabica beans. Robusta also has more caffeine than Arabica.

Why does Vietnamese coffee have condensed milk?

During the Vietnam war, due to a milk shortage, a hotel chef experimented with making a foamy cappuccino using egg yolks and condensed milk. The result was a hit with guests!

Is Vietnamese coffee high in caffeine?

Yes, as it is mostly Robusta, which is generally higher in caffeine content than Arabica beans.

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