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Is It Possible To Make Espresso In Keurig and How To Do It

Can A Keurig Machine Make Espresso?

The espresso is one of the most popular coffee beverages worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people wonder if they can make an actual espresso in a Keurig coffee maker.

Today, I look a little closer at this question and find out if the Keurig coffee maker can make a decent espresso. So, let’s set our coffee brewing techniques and know-how on sharp to discover if you can get a k cup espresso!

Are There Espresso K-Cups?

The short answer to this question is yes. There are espresso K cups, which are obviously extra strong dark roasts.

Of course, I do need to stress that the Keurig cannot make an espresso like those genuine espresso machines your local barista uses.

To make an espresso, finely ground coffee comes in contact with water under high pressure. Evidently, this is not possible in a Keurig.

Despite the lack of barista level pressure in the coffee maker, there is no need to despair. You can still make a Keurig espresso! And while the Keurig espresso is arguably not a ‘genuine’ espresso, it is most certainly the next best thing Keurig coffee machines can deliver.

When you are searching for a K cup that captures the taste of espresso as close as possible, I can most certainly recommend some Italian range K cups.

I have to admit I am not impartial to a cup of coffee made with Illy Forte Extra Dark Roast, but there are many other options available too.

Experiment with different brands to discover a cup of coffee that is as close to that from your espresso machine as possible. Of course, never expect perfection!

How Do You Make Espresso In A Keurig?

You make espresso in a Keurig pretty much like you would make any other brew in this machine. Simply place the Keurig cup in the machine, fill up the water reservoir and let the machine do its thing.

Of course, there are certain brewing techniques you can use to make your espresso stronger in these coffee makers. I will elaborate on this a little later in this article.

Now, if you want a genuine espresso, then some more effort will be required. First and foremost, you will require an espresso machine. While they are pricier than the average Keurig, they are worth the investment if you think you will have an espresso every day.

Obviously, this method does not use pods, so it will require mastering some brewing techniques.

How Do You Make Strong Coffee With A Keurig?

Moving back to the Keurig, how do you make strong coffee with pods? Well, there are some methods you can use to get your coffee stronger, which can be a requirement for flavor if you bought a darker roast for an espresso experience.

Firstly, the amount of water you put in the reservoir can be a huge difference. For one cup of stronger coffee, I recommend only filling the tank halfway. This will get your blend more condensed and give a stronger taste overall.

Please note that you’ll have to manually stop the brew when the water is finished, as the machine will keep trying to pull water until the 6 ounce beverage size is brewed.

If you prefer a larger cup of coffee, then you can still get your larger brew. Once you have finished with your first pod, fill the tank halfway with water again and use another pod to finish your brew.

Of course, some prefer to brew their own espresso-based beverages such as latte. Here it is good to know that there are pods that create a latte for you.

However, if you prefer that true milk flavor instead of pods, you can always brew your Keurig espresso with less water and then add the milk yourself. While it does take more effort, that real milk can be a difference where latte is concerned.

To ensure you get the best quality coffee possible, I also recommend cleaning your machine regularly. Also, if you live in an area with hard water, it can be useful to invest in a good water filter.

A good water filter can remove some of those minerals that could clog your machine over time. Of course, these hard minerals can also have a negative influence on your brewed beverages, making them taste chalkier.

So, there are many reasons to have a water filter on standby, not only for the quality of your coffee, but also for the longevity of your Keurig.


While it is not possible to get a genuine espresso from a Keurig, you can get a coffee that is remarkably close. As long as you use the correct brewing techniques to get a stronger coffee, you can start your day with a brewed beverage that is out of this world.

As mentioned throughout this article, I do believe that those who are passionate about espresso should invest in a good quality espresso maker. These will bring you better beverages, but also help you master brewing techniques to create your own coffee masterpieces.

At their core, the Keurig and espresso maker are very different. However, we must remember that they are obtained for different reasons. The Keurig is a creature of convenience, while the espresso maker is the adventurous, skilled cousin.

At the end of the day, your preferred coffee machine will be subject to how you drink your coffee.

Do you prefer quick and easy coffee drinks that have a lovely taste? Or are you part of the coffee culture and don’t mind spending a little longer on brewing? The choice is yours!

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