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Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate [Reviewed 2022] 

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages globally, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Over the years, the simple flavor of coffee that we used to know expanded to endless flavor combinations like sour, fruity, and chocolatey. 

With so many different types and flavors to choose from, coffee lovers can find the perfect cup to suit their taste. 

But for those who crave something sweet, there are now several varieties of coffee that taste like chocolate. These rich and flavorful blends use chocolate as a base flavor, adding a touch of sweetness to the coffee.

Some chocolate coffees combine real coffee and cocoa flavor, while others use chocolate flavoring. These coffees provide a delicious way to indulge in a sweet treat. 

While there are many ways to add chocolate flavor to your coffee, not all will give you the same rich, creamy taste. We’ve rounded up the best chocolate-flavored coffees on the market, so you can indulge your sweet tooth without sacrificing flavor.

There’s sure to be a coffee that hits the spot, from intense dark chocolate to lighter milk chocolate varieties dark chocolate to lighter milk chocolate varieties; there’s sure to be a coffee that hits the spot.

So please sit back, relax, and let us find the best chocolate-flavored coffee that will suit your taste. 

Why does coffee taste like chocolate?

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

It might sound like a flavor combination that’s too good to be accurate, but a few factors can contribute to a coffee’s chocolatey taste. Here are the reasons why some coffee tastes like chocolate. 

1. Roasting process

There are many different ways to roast coffee. Some coffees are roasted for a shorter amount of time to result in a “light roast,” followed by a “medium roast.”  These stages of roasting yield varied tastes in the coffee and emphasize or mask various elements of the coffee’s origin.

A medium-dark roast is often used in making coffee with chocolate notes. This is because a roast that is too light will not allow the sugar in the coffee beans to caramelize fully, resulting in insufficient toasted cacao and chocolate flavor expression.

In contrast, an overly dark roast will “burn” the chocolate flavors of the coffee bean and cover its original taste.

2. Coffee bean’s origin

Beans from higher altitudes, such as those from Guatemala, Colombia, and Brazil in Central and South America, are your best shot for coffee beans that will taste like chocolate.

In those countries, the coffee has a distinct chocolate flavor reminiscent of cacao powder added to each cup.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best chocolate coffee

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

With so many different products on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Here are five factors to consider when selecting the best chocolate coffee:

1. The type of chocolate

 There are three main types of chocolate: dark, milk, and white. Each type has its distinct flavor and aroma, so selecting a coffee complementing the chocolate is essential. For example, dark chocolate has a strong, rich flavor that can be overwhelming when paired with a weak coffee.

On the other hand, milk chocolate has a creamy sweetness that can balance out the bitterness of coffee. White chocolate is the sweetest of the three and can provide a lovely contrast to a rich coffee. 

2. The cacao content

If you want your coffee to taste like chocolate, choosing beans with a high cacao content is essential cacao content. The cacao bean gives chocolate its distinct flavor, and the higher the cacao content; the more pronounced the flavor will be.

When choosing a coffee with a chocolate flavor, look for one with at least 60% cacao. Any less than that, and the coffee will likely taste more like traditional coffee than chocolate.

3. The origin of the beans

 The type of soil in which the beans are grown, and the climate and elevation can all impact the flavor of the coffee. For example, beans grown in high altitudes tend to be more dense, resulting in more prosperous and full-bodied coffee.

In contrast, beans grown in low altitudes are typically lighter in color and have a brighter flavor.

4. The roasting level

Lightly roasted beans will be more fruity and acidic, while dark roasted beans will be richer and have more bodies. The roasting level can also influence the amount of chocolate flavor in a coffee.

For instance, coffees roasted on the lighter side will often taste more like chocolate than those roasted darker. 

Our choice of the best chocolate tasting coffee

Editor’s Choice: Gevalia Chocolate Mocha Ground Coffee

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 12 ounce

Flavor: Chocolate mocha

Roast: Light roast

There’s nothing like a rich, chocolatey cup of coffee to get your day started right. And with Gevalia Chocolate Mocha Ground Coffee, you can enjoy that delicious flavor any time you want.

Made with 100% Arabica beans and infused with the irresistible taste of chocolate, this coffee is sure to please your senses. 

This chocolate-tasting coffee is a smooth, velvety blend with a rich mocha flavor. It is made from coffee beans sourced from around the world and roasted to perfection to create a rich, full-flavored coffee.

With its ground coffee roasted lightly, Gevalia Chocolate Mocha Ground Coffee releases an aroma to fill your home with the scent of rich chocolate and freshly roasted coffee.

This coffee is compatible with all coffee makers and comes in a resealable bag with a new lock tin tie to retain flavor and aroma.

Indeed, this well-balanced, mild roast is a treat to the senses. The chocolate notes are perfectly balanced with the coffee for a delicious, indulgent taste. 

Runner-Up: Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee with Notes of Chocolate & Caramel

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 8.8 ounce

Flavor: Chocolate caramel

Roast: Medium roast

Illy takes pride in choosing only the best Arabica beans that yield a slightly sweeter coffee with a softer taste. Their distinctive medium-roast blend of fine Arabica coffee is designed to give you a smooth, rich, and full-flavored cup of coffee. 

This item on our list has a bold, aromatic, and nutty taste that will please all coffee lovers. Their coffee gives a balanced flavor of coffee with notes of caramel and chocolate. 

It is free of bitterness, making it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without having to experience the unwanted “burnt” taste.

Illy’s exclusive pressurized packing keeps their coffee fresh. By sealing in the precious aromas and oils, you can enjoy the freshest taste for every cup, every day.

With the way they pack their coffee, you’re sure that your coffee will maintain its flavor and quality for a more extended period. 

Best Value for Money:  La Crema Coffee Chocolate Raspberry

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 32 ounce

Flavor: Chocolate raspberry

This coffee is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of high-quality, delicious dessert coffee. Made with 100% Arabica beans and infused with chocolate and raspberry flavors, this coffee will please even the most discerning coffee lover.

La Crema Coffee Chocolate Raspberry’s foil packaging also helps to keep your coffee fresh and flavorful for longer. It will give you that smooth, rich coffee that will boost your energy throughout the day.

And for the health-conscious out there, this La Crema will allow you to enjoy your favorite flavored coffee guilt-free. Their flavored coffees are allergen-free, sugar-free, and only two calories per cup. 

This coffee got you covered. This coffee is protected whether you’re craving a chocolatey treat or a fruity refresherchocolatey treat or a fruity refresherchocolatey treat or a fruity refresherchocolatey treat or a fruity refresher; this coffee is covered.

The chocolate adds a deep, rich flavor to the coffee, while the raspberry adds a touch of sweetness and brightens up the overall taste. Give it a try, and you might just be surprised at how delicious it is!

Alternative 1:  Andes Coffee Chocolate Mint Ground Coffee

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 12 ounce

Flavor: Chocolate mint

Roast: Medium roast

If you love the taste of chocolate and coffee, then you’ll love this Andes Coffee Chocolate Mint Ground Coffee. This coffee is made with 100% premium Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection.

The beans are then blended with Andes mints and chocolate flavor to create a delicious and unique flavor that coffee lovers like you will adore.

Andes Coffee Chocolate Mint Ground Coffee is perfect for every season! It’s a great way to warm up on a cold day, and its unique flavor will get you in the festive spirit.

Whether you enjoy a cup by the fireplace or share it with friends, this coffee will make any day more memorable.

This coffee has that rich, bold taste of coffee beans combined with the refreshing mint flavor of Andes mints that will leave your taste buds feeling invigorated.

It is roasted in-house to ensure the freshest possible flavor. For sure, this will become one of your new favorites.

Alternative 2: BARNIE’S COFFEE TEA CO. Chocolate Flavor Arabica Beans

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 12 ounce

Flavor: Café Mocha Truffle

Roast: Medium roast

BARNIE’S COFFEE TEA CO. Chocolate Flavor Arabica Beans coffee is the perfect choice for chocolate lovers looking for a rich and decadent coffee confection.

They only source the highest quality beans and roast them to perfection to create a unique flavor profile.

The rich aroma and creamy chocolate flavor combined with a specialty South and Central American blend make a truly unique and delicious coffee experience. 

This coffee is a medium roast that is not too dark and not too light. This coffee hits the spot for most coffee enthusiasts looking for a delicious and well-balanced cup of coffee. Its mocha nut fudge flavor will please even the most discerning coffee lover.

The Café Mocha Truffle ground coffee is a perfect way to enjoy this coffee, and it is sure to please even the most discerning coffee lover.

Its rich chocolate flavor and creamy texture make it the perfect coffee to pair with your favorite morning pastry, afternoon snack, or after-dinner treat. 

In addition, BARNIE’S COFFEE TEA CO. Chocolate Flavor Arabica Beans coffee is free of gluten, fat, sugar, nuts, and nut derivatives.

This coffee is also low in acidity, making it easy on the stomach. It is the best choice for those looking for a delicious and healthy cup of coffee. 

Alternative 3: Coffee Masters Flavored Coffee

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 12 ounce

Flavor: Chocolate

Roast: Medium roast

Made with 100% Arabica ground coffee that is freshly roasted for maximum flavor, this will give you the best taste of coffee without any added artificial flavors.

Their coffee beans are sourced from the best growers worldwide and roasted in small batches to ensure freshness.

Coffee Masters Flavored coffee’s rich and deep chocolate flavor is sure to all coffee lovers. This coffee is made with only the finest quality coffee beans and roasted to perfection to bring out the rich chocolate flavor.

The rich chocolate flavor of this one is perfect for those who want to indulge in a luxurious-tasting cup of coffee even without a special occasion.

With their nitrogen-flushed bag, you can be sure that their coffee retains that maximum freshness. You need not worry about your coffee beans going stale.

The nitrogen-flushing process preserves the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans so that you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at any time.

Alternative 4: Queen City Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

Size: 12 ounce

Flavor: Chocolate raspberry

Roast: Medium roast

Queen City’s Chocolate Raspberry coffee is exactly what it sounds like – a delicious cup of coffee with the flavors of chocolate and raspberry. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a little sweetness in their cup.

The rich chocolate flavor pairs perfectly with the tartness of the raspberries, creating a deliciously balanced cup of coffee.

This coffee is not only delicious but also has a great aroma. It is a robust coffee perfect for breakfast or an afternoon break.

This coffee can be consumed hot or iced, making it an excellent choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at any time of the day.

When made with milk, the chocolate and raspberry flavors combine to create a creamy and decadent cup of coffee that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Queen City’s Chocolate Raspberry coffee is a fan favorite for a reason. 


We hope you enjoyed our exploration of the best coffee that tastes like chocolate. It’s important to remember that taste is subjective, so what we consider the best may not be the same for you.

As with all things food-related, it’s always good to experiment until you find the right fit.

With that in mind, we encourage you to try out some of the brands and roasts we mentioned and see which one gives you that delicious chocolate flavor you’re looking for. Let us know how it goes!

Coffee that tastes like chocolate FAQs

How do you make chocolate taste in coffee?

Making chocolate taste great in coffee is about finding the right balance of flavors. Start by choosing a coffee that has rich, chocolatey notes. Next, add a small amount of sweetener to taste.

You can use sugar, honey, or even chocolate syrup. Finally, add a touch of cream or milk to round out the flavors.

Give your coffee a good stir, and enjoy! With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination of ingredients to make your coffee taste like chocolate heaven.

Which coffee tastes most like hot chocolate?

There are seemingly endless flavor combinations to choose from when it comes to coffee. However, sometimes you want something that tastes like a childhood favorite. If you’re in the mood for a cup of hot chocolate, a few coffee flavors will fit the bill.

Chocolatey coffees tend to be on the sweeter side, with notes of caramel and vanilla. Some brands even add a touch of cinnamon for an extra kick of flavor. If you’re looking for something lighter, try a coffee with hazelnut or almond flavoring.

These coffees have a nutty taste that pairs well with chocolate. You’ll enjoy the rich flavor and creamy texture no matter which coffee you choose.

Why do coffee and chocolate go well together?

Chocolate and coffee are two of the most popular flavors globally, and they pair together perfectly. 

One of the reasons they go well together is because coffee has a robust flavor, and chocolate can help mellow it out. Chocolate also has a complex flavor profile that pairs well with the bitterness of coffee.

The rich, bold taste of coffee pairs well with the sweetness of chocolate, and the two flavors complement each other beautifully. 

In addition, coffee can help to enhance the sweetness of chocolate. Also, both coffee and chocolate contain compounds that can boost your mood and energy levels.

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