French Press Cold Brew: An Easy Guide

A glass of iced coffee sits next to a French press and a jar of coffee beans, with a cup of ice on a marble surface.

Ah, cold brew coffee. The perfect drink whether it’s summer, spring, autumn, or yes, even winter! While there are many ways of making cold brew, one of the most straightforward ways is the french press … Read more

History Of Coffee: Origins, Waves, and More

Traditional Arabic coffee with cardamom seeds in a glass cup with a brass coffee pot.

The history of coffee is filled with amazing factoids and lots of interesting stories. In this post about the history of coffee, we’ll talk about: Interestingly, nobody can really pinpoint how coffee was discovered. This … Read more

Coffee For People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Woman with a cup of coffee she doesn't like

Don’t like coffee, but want to experience something similar so you don’t feel left out? Or maybe you have a lovely little cafe around the corner of your house, but you can’t ever make yourself … Read more

What Is A Macchiato?

A person holding a glass of macchiato

I was first introduced to macchiatos by chain coffee shops. Incidentally, the macchiato in a chain coffee shop is nothing like a proper, true macchiato. Since you’re here, you must be wondering the same thing: … Read more