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If you are looking for a very popular, perfectly crafted, most economical coffee grinder, the DeLonghi KG79 is the product for you. And believe me I am not at all exaggerating when I am showering so much praise on this grinder! Learn more in this DeLonghi KG79 review.

This grinder definitely beats all the available ones in the market, and take my word, if you buy this grinder without even reading this post, you will not regret. And that much confidence I have in it.

Before I provide you with an in-depth analysis of KG79, I will like to share my experience with it, very briefly.

DeLonghi KG79 review: why it’s good

Being a coffee fanatic I was gifted this machine by my father. I had originally stuck to using manual grinders as I was used to adjusting the fineness by hand, and it was fun to crank the grinder to make a cup of coffee.

But this machine really changed how I looked at automatic grinders. Not only did it grind very evenly and consistently, it just became so much easier to grind coffee for multiple people!

This was my short story, and now I am sharing KG79’s analysis. The analysis comes as a result of thorough research that I did after using this grinder. Read it you will be amazed!

A note on the manufacturer

KG79 is manufactured by an Italian company – DeLonghi -Winner of the Red Dot design award – 2007. The company manufactures domestic appliances in nearly every category of food preparation, but is most famous for coffee appliances.

DeLonghi describes KG79 as “Ideal for Coffee advanced consumers: it provides a consistent grind and preserves the Aroma”.

Key Features

KG79 coffee grinder, a stylish black machine, comes with the capacity to grind 120 grams of beans.

This machine comes with a:

  • Burr grinding system
  • Fineness/coarseness selector
  • Cup selector
  • Dual safe system

Burr Grinding System

The machine has a professional burr grinding system and is fitted with two very sharp grinding burrs. The burrs perfectly grind coffee to whatever setting you choose, without overheating, so that the aroma of the coffee does not die out.

Cup Selector

You can select between 2 – 12 cups. The machine will shut off the grinder automatically after the required amounts of beans are grinded.

Fineness Selector

This option (my favorite) gives you the control to select the desired fineness of the ground coffee – setting from fine to medium to coarse.

In both the features, i.e. the cup selector and fineness selector, you can easily make the adjustments, by using the knobs incorporated in the design.

Dual Safe System

If either the ground coffee or the bean container is removed, the machine is equipped with an automatic safety device that shuts off the grinding wheels. Very important if your kids play in your kitchen area!

General Specifications

I have made a table for you to easily make out its general specifications and added my comments to provide you a better description.

  • Dimensions: 13 Wx16 Dx26 H cm
  • Weight:1.5 (Kg)
  • Beans Container Capacity: 120 (g)

Cup Selector Quantity: 12 cups

Included accessories

The machine comes with some added accessories too. I have made a list of these for your reference. It has a:

  • Transparent and removable bean container
  • Removable ground coffee container
  • Rubber feet
  • Self-contained cord storage
  • Top lid
  • Cleaning brush

Here is a break up for the parts of the KG79:

delonghi kg79 diagram



The machine is so compact that even if you have a very small kitchen you can easily fit this product in.

Practical containers and Built-in Cord Storage

Top bean container and the Ground coffee container are very handy. In addition to that, both containers are removable and are made of transparent, lightweight plastic, which makes the cleaning and keeping track of the available amounts of beans and powder – an incredibly easy task.

Another convenient feature if you are looking to store the appliance instead of keeping it on the kitchen countertop is the Built-in Cord Storage. The cord neatly folds in making you hassle free.


The model is very beautifully crafted. Geometrical Rectangular shape and Black Shiny finish adds to the symmetry’s perfection.

Rubber Feet

Spilling coffee or water on kitchen counters is not very uncommon, and here is when Rubber Feet is so useful, providing stability to the machine.


For the features and benefits you get, the DeLonghi KG79 seems underpriced! The quality of the machine, and most importantly the quality of the coffee grinded in it, demands the price to be on the upper range. But contrary to that – the machine is priced very economically, which is very surprising!

Good chance for you to grab it, until it is available in the market.


They report that the machine is a bit noisy, in comparison to other coffee grinders. But in the machines’ defense I (being a customer myself) will say that no coffee grinder is perfectly silent and secondly the machine makes noise but that is acceptable – it is not going to wake up your entire family early in the morning!

For your convenience, I am providing a link to the user manual for this machine, issued by the manufacturer itself.

Should you buy DeLonghi KG79?

Well, without getting emotional, I will rationally suggest that you should definitely go for it. It is compact, reasonably priced; a quality product and from a very well known branded company.

We coffee enthusiasts commonly say – “Forever – is the time it takes to brew the first pot of coffee in the morning.”

If you like to prepare your coffee from grind to finish, buy this product. The taste, aroma, texture and feel of the coffee grinded in this machine – will last forever.

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