Aeropress Accessories: 8 Ways To Up Your Aeropress Game Further

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The Aeropress is a remarkably popular amongst coffee enthusiasts all over the world, and it’s also very convenient for travel. Due to this popularity, there are a bunch of accessories for the Aeropress these days. But which are worth the investment?

Check out the recommended Aeropress accessories in our overview below, as well as some essential information about this fantastic brewer.

AeroPress Replacement Filter Cap - for the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker - Official AeroPress Part

Best Aeropress Accessories: Must-haves

1. Aeropress Organizer

One of our favorite additions to your kitchen is the Aeropress Organizer. The Aeropress Organizer is perfect for those who swear by making their coffee with this device, as it allows you to keep this device in your kitchen in a very organized manner.

The Aeropress Organizer keeps a hold of all the parts of the device, ensuring your always have quick access, but can keep your kitchen clean and organized too. This accessory is made from non-toxic premium bamboo as well, which means you do not have to deal with unwanted toxins inside your home.

Since the design of this Organizer is quite compact, you do not need a large kitchen to benefit from it. Simply mount it on a bit of free space on the wall and place your manual coffee maker in the perfect spot.

2. Hexnub Organizer

If you do not want to mount anything on your kitchen wall, you could consider a freestanding organizer for the Aeropress too. One of the freestanding options that is currently available is the Hexnub Organizer.

With the Hexnub Organizer, you can organize all the parts of this press, but also additional items such as filters, cups and other small coffee shop items. The bamboo design of this organizer also fits in any interior, whether you have a modern, traditional, or contemporary kitchen.

Like our previous suggestion, this Aeropress organizer is quite compact, which means it fits in smaller kitchens perfectly. This organizer also has a heatproof silicone drip mat on top, which means you do not have to worry about turning a freshly washed cup upside down on top of this organizer.

3. Altura The Mesh For Aeropress

Did you know that you can use different filters for brewing with an Aeropress? From paper filters to metal options, there is no limit to the different filters available today. Of course, paper filters leave much to be desired as they cannot be reused. So, buying a metal option is a much better choice.

One of our favorite filters for the Aeropress is Altura The Mesh, which is specifically designed for the Aeropress device.

The Alture is designed for maximum taste and efficiency. The unique design allows oils to come through, opposed to paper filters which tend to eliminate these oils. It also works with finer grind sizes, which is great if you are a big fan of espresso and Turkish coffee.

Of course, the biggest benefit about this particular coffee accessory is the fact that it can be used again. Once you are done brewing, simply put the filter underneath the cold tap and wash away any remaining coffee grinds.

4. Aeropress Replacement Filter Cap

One of the issues that can occur with the Aeropress is that the filter cap often incurs damage, while the rest of your Aeropress is as pristine as the day you bought it. Fortunately, you can purchase replacement filters for your coffee press these days.

Aeropress delivers replacement filter caps as well, so you do not have to buy a completely new device if the Aeropress’ filter cap should get damaged for whatever reason. Fortunately, replacement filters are really affordable and straightforward to replace.

All replacement filter caps for the Aeropress are made with a polypropylene plastic. This plastic does not contain any BPA’s or phthalates, which means each part of the Aeropress is just as environmentally friendly as the device itself.

5. Able Travel Cap

Many coffee lovers who own an Aeropress tend to travel a lot too. While the device is quite friendly for travelling already, there is an additional accessory for the device that could make your coffee-making experience even more convenient!

The accessory we are talking about at the moment is the Able Travel Cap. As you may have guessed from the name, the travel cap is used to cover your press as you travel, which can prevent some unwanted coffee leaks or other issues. This travel cap is also made with food safe elastomer, so you do not have to worry about unwanted chemicals ending up in the hot water, your cold brew, or your coffee overall.

6. CAFE Concetto Disc

Do you like a bit of customization when it comes down to your press? Or do you simply like a bit of colour in your life? Whichever it may be, we suggest taking a look at the CAFE Concetto Disc for the Aeropress.

The CAFE Concetto Disc is designed for the Aeropress and can deal with fine and superfine grounds. You can purchase this filter for one particular type of coffee grounds, or simply buy the combination pack.

Investing in a CAFE Concetto Disc is a smart idea considering how much it can improve your coffee. The disc is designed specifically to retain the oils, but also to add some sweetness to the overall coffee flavor. If you struggle getting the most from your coffee grounds, in spite of using fresh coffee beans for each cup of coffee, why not try out the Concetto Disc and experience that perfect results can be achieved with the right filter.

Of course, the top functionality of this coffee filter is not the sole reason why you should obtain it. When you take a closer look at this product, you will notice it comes in either rose gold or rainbow design. So, if you have been looking to customise your press, this unique filter is a great way to start!

7. Bamboo Caddy Rack

We already suggested some organizers, but each person has their personal preferences when it comes to the organization of their kitchen. To ensure we have all bases covered where organization is concerned, we want to suggest this last organizer for your Aeropress components.

Like one of our previous suggestions, the Bamboo Caddy Rack is a freestanding storage option for your Aeropress components. However, opposed to the previous organizer, this Caddy Rack storage each component individually. So, this is all about personal preferences.

Like the other options in this overview, this coffee press organizer is remarkably compact. So, you can easily place it in a compact kitchen or another area where you wish to store your coffee press.

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8. Think Crucial Unbleached Paper Coffee Filter

If you do prefer paper filters, there are still some options for your daily cup of coffee. One of our preferred choices are the filters from Think Crucial, which deliver unbleached coffee filters.

You can get these filters in packs up to 400, so you do not run the risk of running out quickly. While they do need to be replaced each time you make coffee, they do have an advantage over some other filters.

Using unbleached paper enables you to avoid the metallic taste in your coffee, which can occur with certain filter models. However, the metal filters we recommended above do not have this particular issue. Nevertheless, some coffee lovers still prefer paper filters for their taste preference.

Conclusion: Test The Aeropress And Its Accessories Yourself

Brewing with an Aeropress is quite an experience, not to mention how useful this device is when you travel. While the overall principle might be simple, brewing a cup of coffee with an Aeropress ensures quite the unique flavor.

So, if you are a coffee lover, you cannot afford to miss out on the Aeropress and its matching accessories. There is lots to discover, so why not check out some of our recommendations and pick up your preferred Aeropress accessories to add to your personal collection?

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