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As coffee lovers, we wanted to find the best espresso knock box around. Of course, there were countless knock boxes to choose from, so our choice wasn’t easy. In the end, we went with the Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Box as the best espresso Knock Box.

If you are still looking for the best knock boxes around, be sure to read on and find out why we chose Dreamfarm. Or maybe you want to discover more options for used coffee grounds? Either way, you will find the answer right here!

Best Espresso Knock Box: 9 choices

To find the best knock box for your espresso machine, we had to carefully consider numerous knock boxes from countless brands.

Since our favorite was the Dreamfarm Grindenstein, we will start with that one. Of course, we also cover the other knock boxes in our review.

1. Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Box

The Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Box is our favorite option for used coffee grounds coming from your espresso machine. But why did we make this choice! Here are all our reasons why!

Of course, since we attempt to provide you with the most neutral review, we also included some of the disadvantages so you can make an informed decision about your coffee knock box.


Dreamfarm created their Grindenstein Knock Box with a shock-absorbing design that withstood our rigorous testing.

Obviously, the last thing you want is your knock box breaking when you hit the coffee grounds in it. Fortunately, you do not have to worry thanks to the patented design from Dreamfarm.

Another big plus in our book is how quit it is to use this coffee knock box. The knock bar in this accessory is made of rubber, which means the rubber bar will absorb any noises that would otherwise come from the knock bar as you empty your coffee ground.

The simple yet clever design of this espresso knock box is also very easy to clean. Of course, the last thing you need is to fish out coffee grounds from your espresso knock box for a couple of hours.

Fortunately, the rubber bar is not in the way and the knock box stays easy to clean. This option is also dishwasher safe, so you do not have to wash this best espresso knock box by hand.

Finally, the Dreamfarm also has a compact design that fits perfectly on the drip tray of most espresso machines. So, if you are worried about making a mess, this espresso knock box and accompanying rubber bar will not disappoint.


The overall design of the Dreamfarm knock boxes do not necessarily fit espresso machines in stainless steel. Of course, this should not be a reason why you do not obtain this amazing knock box for your espresso machine.

Dreamfarm Grindenstèin | Modern Espresso Knock Box | Sturdy & Compact Coffee Knock Box | Space-Saving Coffee Ground Bin with Durable Knock Bar | Easy-To-Clean Espresso Knock Boxes | Red
We could not find too many things wrong with the Dreamfarm knock boxes, which immediately explains why we were a big fan of them in the first place. However, if we had one point of improvement, it is probably aesthetic.

2. Breville BCB100 Barista-Style Espresso Knock Box

Breville is a well-known espresso machine brand, so it is no surprise they provide accessories for these espresso machines as well. One of them is their own Breville knock box.


Breville never disappoints when it comes to quality and this is no different for their accessoires, including their espresso knock box. The most impressive feature is the knock bar, made from engineering-grade polymers. Undoubtedly, one of the most durable options around.

The design of the knock box also matches most stainless steel designs of espresso machines. So, they get a plus where aesthetics are concerned. If you have a Breville coffee machine and want a knock box to match it, you will not be disappointed with this one.


Because of its rather vase-shape design, the Breville BCB 100 is not the easiest to clean. While it does come with a decent knock bar and is a solid construction, it is quite difficult to get all the grounds from this accessory. Obviously, this was a big negative for us in terms of useability. The inner vessel can be removed however, but it was not enough to counter the overall design that makes it harder to clean.

3. Breville BES001XL Puck Box, Mini

Breville has more than one option when it comes to knock boxes. Their second option is a mini version of the traditional knock box, which has some decent properties as well.


The Breville BES001XL is made from stainless steel, matching the typical design of the Breville coffee machines. Of course, it also adds to the overall durability of this option.

Contrary to the previous option from Breville, the smaller version does not have the vase-like design and comes with a so-called knocker rod. Given these small adjustments, this knock box is considerably easier to clean.

The Breville BES001XL came in close second, and the non-slip grip at the bottom of the accessory put it near the top of the list.

When you are knocking out coffee grounds, you do not want the box to move or slip. Fortunately, this knock box does not provide this problem because of the non-slip surface at the bottom.


While the Breville mini nearly made it to the top of the list because of its durability and non-slip bottom, the only downside is the actual knocker rod.

A bar provides a bigger surface and even distribution of force to remove your grounds. With a rod, this can be a bit more problematic and not all of the grounds may end up in the box. In other words, it may require more effort.

4. Cafelat Tubbi Knock Box

If you are looking for one of the most affordable boxes around, then the Cafelat Tubbi might be just what the doctor ordered. However, affordability does come with some problems in this case.


The only true positive we can acknowledge for this Tubbi Box is the affordable price. Compared to most other accessories on our list, this is by far the cheapest.

Another positive (but also a negative at the same time, which we will explain later), is the removable bar. The bar simply lies on the box, which makes it easier to remove and subsequently a cinch to clean.


Okay, so the bar laying on top of the box is a serious problem. Coffee grounds can get sticky, so you could easily pull the bar up as you remove the grounds from the puck. If the bar was secured, the design would be much closer to our favorite option.

5. Joe Frex Knock Box Classic

There are some really elaborate boxes out there, and the Joe Frex option is certainly one of them. As soon as you take a look at this classic knock box, you will understand why.


The Joe Frex box is undoubtedly one of the larger capacity boxes out there. Evidently, this makes it perfect for anyone who has a substantial amount of coffee each day and does not want to empty their box every five cups or so.

One could argue it is even suitable for a barista.

Since the parts of this coffee grounds box are also removable, you will find that this option is also easy to clean. Even though it is a larger option, you do not have to pay for it in terms of maintenance.


One of the very few issues with the Joe Frex is that the bar does not have any rubber covering. Evidently, this can make it quite noisy when used. So, if you are having your coffee in the morning, members in your household might not like your new accessory waking them up!

6. CoCo Brew Espresso Knock Box

While the CoCo brand paid a lot of attention to the design of this coffee grounds box, there are some problems that cost this option the top spot in our overview.


The Coco Brew has a durable knock bar and slip resistance at the bottom, which makes it a solid option for coffee lovers. It also has a sleek black design, and you can turn the box upside down to make it blend in your kitchen interior.


Once again, this coffee accessory lacks a sturdy bar lock. While the design is not as bad as the Tubbi Box, the loose detachable bar is most definitely a problem.

7. Osaka Shock Absorbent Knock Box

The Osaka has a similar design to the Tubbi and Coco boxes. So, once again, we find ourselves turning down an option that could have been so amazing.


I do have to say, the design of the Osaka is one of my favorites, especially the beautiful design of the knock bar. Like the Coco, this option can also be turned upside down to fit your kitchen’s streamlined interior.


The bar with this one is detachable, which can make it come out as you are trying to remove coffee grounds.

8. Cafelat New Style Knock box

The Tubbi we discussed earlier actually has an updated version. And they actually tackled the bar problem we discussed earlier!


For the Cafelat New Style, the bar is attached on one side, which means it has less chance to pop out. And since the bar can still be removed, it is quite easy to clean.


Unfortunately, the design looks very cheap and is unlikely to fit most coffee machines. Some of the bold colours, including red, really do not fit the vintage coffee style aesthetic, which is a big turn off for us.

Knock Box Buyer’s Guide

So, how do you choose your perfect knock box if you do not like any of our suggestions? Well, here are some tips to make the process easier for you!


Durability is definitely a must, because you will exert some force on this accessory. While you do not necessarily need stainless steel, you do need something that can withstand numerous knocks on a daily basis. So, denser materials with acoustic dampening properties are best.

Bar size

As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the bar, or the larger the surface, the more effective it will be removing grounds. That being said, bars that are too big and cannot be removed from your accessory can make cleaning difficult.


Capacity should not be an issue unless you live in a household that drinks an astronomical amount of coffee. If this is the case, have a look at models such as the Joe Frex.

Ease of Cleaning

Try to avoid designs that narrow at the bottom and look at options that are dishwasher safe for easier maintenance.


This is a personal choice for most, but the stainless steel options tend to match most modern espresso machines.


Choosing a knock box is simply looking at properties such as durability, maintenance, and ease of use. if you have those three properties, you can focus on additional things such as looks. By doing this, you will find your perfect knock box in no time.

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