Cuisinart EM100 Review: A solid Espresso machine For Home

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Cuisinart makes a slew of coffee makers, as well as espresso makers, and most of them score really well among consumers. The EM-100 espresso maker is one of those options currently available from the brand, so we decide to take a look and review this popular choice in this Cuisinart EM100 review.

Cuisinart EM-100NP1 1.66 Quart Espresso Maker Machine, Stainless Steel, Manual

Cuisinart EM100 Review: An In-Depth Look

Brewing Capabilities: 8/10

For an espresso machine, its ability to create a good espresso is absolutely critical! So, it is no surprise we looked at this particular variable in our review first.

When it comes to brewing capabilities, the EM-100 espresso scores really well. Using a 15 bar pump to create your espresso, you always get maximum flavor and aroma from your favorite coffee beans.

On top of that, the EM-100 espresso also delivers compatibility with pod coffee. So, you can use either ground coffee or coffee pods. If you do not have the time to get that perfect cup of espresso under 15 bar of pressure, you can switch to the more convenient pod option instead.

One of the brewing tools that stood out for us the most in this machine was the powerful pump. While many machines claim they provide a 15 bar pump, this is not the case for all of them. When testing the Cuisinart, we got a 15 bar of pressure every single time.

For beginners, it is important to have a machine with this pressure. After all, making espresso is all about using the right pressure on the grind to get maximum flavor and aroma. If the pressure is insufficient – or in some cases too much – your espresso can have unwanted tastes such as sourness.

Finally, we also appreciate the user-friendly controls on this machine. So, even if you never worked with any machine like this before, it is quite easy to get started.

Frothing Capabilities: 8/10

Frothing is important for an espresso maker, and fortunately Cuisinart delivered with their espresso machine. The machine comes with an adequate milk frother with a stainless steel wand and a frothing pitcher.

As you use your frothing cup, you will find this wand easy to work with. The bubbles in your cup won’t be too big either, just perfect for cappuccinos and other espresso-based drinks that use frothed milk.

Some users have reported that the wand breaks off over time.

Reservoir Capacity: 10/10

The Cuisinart espresso maker has water reservoir with the 53 oz capacity, which is more than decent for an espresso maker. Because of this capacity, the Cuisinart espresso maker is more than suitable for larger households.

Once you are done making coffee, we always recommend emptying the water reservoir. While some people prefer leaving the water in the reservoir for convenience, we still recommend emptying the reservoir at the end of the day to avoid hard water stains and mold, especially if you do not use your Cuisinart espresso maker every day.

Maintenance: 9/10

We love how much attention has been paid to easy maintenance by the manufacturers. That’s right, the Cuisinart espresso maker is one of the easiest to clean!

Cuisinart created this espresso machine with special cleaning pins, which can be used to keep the wand clean and pristine. The wand of a coffee machine is often the first thing to get clogged or even fail, so this is a lovely addition.

Price: 8/10

While we did expect a high price for the Cuisinart, we were presently surprised when we did our price research for this review. The coffee machine could be considered as moderately priced, and you certainly get more than enough value for your money.

What We Like

One of the cool features of this machine is use the steamer to get hot water for tea or other hot drinks.  Just switch the function knob to the water setting, put a cup under the steam wand, and dispense the hot water.

Another feature we liked is the warming try right on top of the machine. Just put your coffee cups on top while you are making your espresso and you will have toasty warm cups for your freshly made espresso.

What We Didn’t Like

There were only two things we did not like about this espresso maker, although both of those two points could be put down to personal preference.

The first thing that stood out to us was that the espresso machine is a little heavier than most, making it a little trickier to move on your countertop when you’re cleaning. Of course, that heaviness also points to a more durable construction, so it is difficult to point this out as a negative.


Conclusion: Should I Get The Cuisinart EM-100?

There are many things to love about the Cuisinart EM-100, especially its versatility. And while the overall design may be a little heavy, the functionality it brings is more than enough to account for the heavier weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Grind Should Be Used For The Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Maker?

The manufacturer recommends using whole beans and grinding them for maximum flavor. Ideally, you should renew your supply of coffee beans every two week. If you do decide to purchase ground coffee, the manufacturer recommends buying a dedicated espresso grind suitable for espresso machines.

How To Get The Best Milk Texture?

Since you can froth milk, you may wonder about getting that perfect milk texture from your Cuisinart espresso machine. If you use the steam wand, the manufacturer recommends using cold and refrigerated milk. Add the milk to the pitcher until maximum 2/3 full.

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