How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee? (Black, Espresso, and more)

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While coffee lovers may consider the different types of creamers, beans to grind, machines to buy  it is rare that a coffee lover cares to count the calories per cup of coffee. We thought it would be an exciting adventure to travel through the coffee world and measure the different calorie counts for the variations in coffee. So how many calories are in a cup of coffee?

How many calories per cup of coffee?

Calories in one cup of black coffee

pouring a cup of black coffee

The classic form of coffee is just a black brewed cup. Before someone taints it with the creams and sugars(or other sweeteners like maple syrup or honey), a black cup of coffee merely has 2 calories for a 8 ounce cup.

Calories in one cup of coffee with milk and sugar

Once you begin adding the creamers and the sugars, you are beginning to look at 50-125 calories for an 8 ounce cup.

Calories in one cup of iced coffee

Sometimes one of the most delicious beverages on a cold day is an iced cup of rich coffee. While that may sound counter-productive, there is something about an iced coffee on a cold day.

Regardless, out of many beverages on this list, iced coffees have one of the lowest calorie counts. Now, this is until you decide to add all of your sugar and creamer, keep that in mind.

On average, 1 cup of sugarless/creamer-less Ice Coffee has roughly 25 calories. The larger the cup, the more calories there will be.

Calories in an Espresso Macchiato

espresso macchiato

Another delicious beverage in the variations of coffee is the espresso macchiatos. Like many other variations, this is a fully customizable treat. If you are seeking a caramel macchiato or even a hazelnut macchiato, it can be done. You can mix sweeteners, creamers and even flavored beans for the espresso.

All of this will be at the sacrifice of the calorie count.

With that being said, if you were to simple order a plan espresso macchiato, there are only 15 calories in this drink.

Calories in a Latte (with regular or skim milk)

One of the world’s most famous variations of coffee is a classic latte. This beverage is comprised of a shot of espresso and paired with two parts frothed milk. Now, many coffee shops around the world do offer different types of milk that you get steamed which will effect your calorie count.

With regular milk, a latte has only 120 calories.

Moreover, with only 7 grams from fat this drink can be made healthier by making it with skim milk.

Calories in Espresso

The cream de la creme of the coffee world is Espresso. Let’s look at espresso as the King or Queen of the entire industry. Without Espresso, many of your favorite beverages would cease to exist.

With that being said, you may be surprised by how many calories are in a shot of espresso. Are you thinking more than 20 calories?

If so, you would be wrong! A shot of espresso is merely 5-10 calories!

Calories in a Cappuccino

Another delicious variation of coffee is the cappuccino. In all likelihood if you travel to Italy, you will have one of these rich beverages over some amazing conversation.

Now, a cappuccino is simply a shot of espresso with a third of milk and a third of froth. Granted this is a sample of a small please note that your calorie count may be higher if you drink a larger size.

With that being said, this delicious delicacy is only 110 calories with 6 grams of fat.

Calories in a Frappuccino


On a summer day where the sun is blazing and all you want is a refreshing drink, one of the best beverages is a Frappuccino. Whether you prefer the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino or maybe a Java Chip Frappuccino, before you take your first sip, you might want to look at the calories.

For a REGULAR Coffee Frappuccino at a small size, there are over 170 calories.

If you were to make this a large, you are looking at over 340 calories, for only the coffee -based Frappuccino.

This number drastically rises when you begin to add the chocolate.

Calories in a Mocha

Could you ever imagine a drink that tastes better than a latte that comes with an added shot of chocolate syrup? In modern lingo, this is known as Mocha.

This guilty pleasure of millions around the world is also guilty of over 160 calories and 6 grams of fat.

If you can’t escape the craze for chocolate, you can substitute the milk for skim milk and the drink will only have 100 calories.

That sounds kind of worth it, right?

Calories in a Flat White

If you want to drink a luxurious beverage and sound fancy saying it, try a Flat White. These drinks are simply a shot of espresso that has been mixed with two parts steamed milk.

Granted, the sizes may change causing the ratio to increase and calories, this drink at this size is only 120 calories.

If you are sold by this, you can also swap the type of milk used and get this drink as low as 70 calories with skim milk. Sold yet?

Conclusion: coffee and calories

Often times, people that drink their coffee don’t think about the benefits they are getting or the calories they are consuming. It is kind of important to consider both of these.

Coffee and espresso can provide a wealth of benefits to the human body; however, many of these benefits can be tainted or ruined through adding different sources of artificial sweeteners and creamers.

It is always advised to look at the different types of ingredients that creamers have and how organic they are. If you can get organic and healthier creamers, that is always the best choice.

Keep in mind, the coffee, by itself, does not have hundreds upon hundreds of calories, it is when you pile on all of the unhealthy stuff that it can get a bit costly for your wallet and your body.

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