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Are you slowly becoming a coffee addict? Or you’re just getting to love it day in day out? Chances are you’re either badly in need of a cup right now – something you might not be used to doing, or you just bought a new Keurig.

In this post, we’ll talk you through how to turn Keurig on and operate them smoothly. While certain Keurigs can handle large volumes, others will only accommodate only smaller amounts.

You must be aware that these machines were initially known as one cup at a time and were used mainly in offices before finding their way into our homes. Keurig and Keurig 2.0 machines are available in a wide range of models and different sizes.

The one you go for will basically be that which fits your needs and preferences. The Keurig Classic series is very basic and would not take a large space of your home.

We have the Keurig Plus series that are quite advanced and are used in homes. Finally, there are the commercial use models that are popular in offices or customer waiting area. They are large machines with large water reservoirs.

How to turn on a Keurig: the golden rule

Whether you’re looking at a Keurig K575 K-cup pod coffee maker, Keurig K-Mini K15 K-cup pod coffee maker, or any other, here are two essential things that you should never forget before hitting that power button.

We will call them the golden rule – for reference in the post. But first, plug into a well-grounded outlet. Next:

1. Fill the water reservoir

How will you get started if you skipped this crucial step? Depending on your model, the lid to the reservoir is either located on the left side or at the back of your machine.

You’ll be required to either pull the reservoir out or use a mug to fill it up. Be careful not to fill it beyond its desired maximum level as that might result in some unpleasant issues.

2. Place your cup below the spout

That’s where your brewed beverage will get into. You could use a mug as well on that drip tray plate. Once you’re set, it’s time to let the party begin. Follow the guides below on how to turn on your Keurig, depending on the model you have.

Powering on and working different Keurig models

The K-Classic series

Press the power button. You’ll see the green power light illuminate. Immediately the brewer will automatically start heating the water. There is a red light – which tells you that heating is on. The red light will illuminate for about 4 minutes before going off. Once that happens, the brewer will be ready to brew.

But it’s not just yet to brew, especially for those running their machines for the very first time. Remember the two critical steps above? – The golden rule – repeat them exactly, but this time around, rinsing the reservoir and refilling it again.

Setting Keurig Auto-Off

The Keurig has an auto-off set feature that allows the user to set it off 2 hours after the last brew. To enable this feature, check on your machine’s top right side for the black auto-off button and press it. The green light should illuminate. Press the auto-off button again to disable this feature.

Most modern Keurigs come factory programmed with auto-off enabled.

You may also see that your Keurig says auto off set. If you’re wondering why your Keurig says auto off set, you can follow the instructions below to turn it on and off.

How to program auto-off on K-Elite

  1. Tap the settings button and continue tapping until a moon icon appears
  2. Use the arrow buttons to turn auto-off on
  3. Once it’s on, tap the settings button again and then use the arrow keys to change the auto-off time period from 15 minutes up to two hours

How to program auto-on on K-Elite

  1. Tap the settings button and continue tapping until a sun icon appears
  2. Use the arrow buttons to turn auto-on on
  3. Tap the settings button and then use the arrow buttons to set which time you wish the K-Elite to turn on

The K-Lite series

Our golden rule still holds. Once you are done with the steps, press the power button. The green power light will illuminate. The brew will automatically start heating the water. The heating will take 3 minutes before stopping. Note that there is no red light but the heating sound. So listen to that sound.

If your machine is brand new, repeat the process before brewing your first cup. If that’s not the case with yours, proceed to brew. Are you that type of person who likes making their life easier? To avoid wasting time on some of the steps in putting this machine on, here is what you should consider doing.

Program your Keurig

Locate the settings button and use the arrows to program. This is where the auto-on feature is enabled or disabled. To enable it, use the clock and set your preferred time. You could also set it for the auto-off feature to go off in 15 minutes after your last brew. This will help much in energy saving.

You could also enable the smart brew feature not to wait for the machine to heat up-stop-then brew. Instead, it will automatically start brewing after the heating process is done.

The K-Compact series

Plug into the outlet. Follow our golden rule, and once done, hit the power button. The green power light will illuminate. The brewer will automatically start heating the water in the reservoir. This will take about 4 minutes; then, the heating will stop. The brewer is ready to brew. Go ahead, brew, and enjoy!

You could also set the auto-off feature so that the machine automatically turns off 2 hours after the last brew. The K-Compact series also have the smart brew feature that lets your coffee brew on the go.

The K-Select series

Press the power button – the green power light and the auto-off light will illuminate. Of course, we do not forget to apply our golden rule. The machine will automatically start heating water in the reservoir. After about 3 minutes, the heating process will halt, and the brewer will be ready to brew.

As simple as that! Enabling the auto-off feature on this machine is quite different. To achieve the power saving mode, follow the steps below.

  1. Power the brewer on while still plugged in
  2. Press and hold the strong and 10oz. large mug button for about 3 seconds – the green Keurig auto-off light will illuminate

To disable the auto-off feature.

  1. Power the brewer off while still plugged in
  2. Press and hold the strong and the 10oz. large mug button for 3 seconds – the green auto-off light will turn off
  3. Power the brewer on – the green auto-off light will no longer be illuminated.
  4. Please Note: After your first cup of coffee is brewed, the brew buttons will be disabled after 60 seconds. Do not worry. Simply lift and lower the handle completely to re-activate.

Keurig RIVO

As complicated as it might appear on your first sight, operating it is not that hard. Just pay close attention to the details, and you’re ready to go. The golden rule still holds, but before you lay your finger on that power button, there is one more thing you should do. To prepare the frothing system, follow the steps below.

  1. Clean the frothing pitcher and fill to MIN FIL with water. Place it into the system after securing the lid.
  2. Press the latte froth button to run the first cleansing froth. You’ll hear a beep once the cycle is complete.
  3. Carefully remove the frothing pitcher from the system. Cautiously remove the lid and discard all the water. Dry all the components.

Ready to brew? While the machine is still plugged in, place a 12oz mug on the drip tray, press the power button located on the system’s right side.

In about a minute, the control panel will flash, and you’ll hear a beep. The machine is now ready to brew. Press the Espresso Lungo Button. The first cleansing brew cycle is done. Discard the hot water from the mug and you’re ready to brew your first cup.

The K-Plus series/Keurig 2.0 Brewers

The powering process in these two series is just the same as those discussed above. Right from applying the golden rule to setting them up for the first brew. There is only one thing that some of their users find challenging.

That’s the location of the power button. To see where the icon is located, plug in your machine, and the icon will appear at the bottom right corner of the brewer screen.

You should now be in an excellent position to prepare your own cup of coffee. It is highly recommended that caution is exercised during the operation of Keurig machines. You’ll realize that you’ll handle hot water during the prior period to brewing your first cup.

Be careful not to burn yourself even before you could experience that feeling of brewing for the very first time. If by any chance you still can’t power or turn on your Keurig, then going through the Keurig Support or help center should help you find the correct way of doing so.

The website has everything you might need. From the ‘how to’ videos to downloadable user guides. The other most convenient way of getting help is by calling their support line. Sometimes you might just be missing out on something minor that only a simple phone call will do the magic.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Keurig not turning on?

You’ll want to check the golden rule: make sure your Keurig is plugged into an outlet that has power, and make sure the water reservoir is filled.

How long should a Keurig last?

Keurigs are pretty robust coffee makers and it’s not unreasonable to expect them to last for 5 to 10 years if you maintain them properly.

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