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LifeBoost Coffee Review: Is It Worth It?

There are plenty of great coffee roasters out there, and a quick search on Amazon for coffee beans yields thousands of results. However, one particular roaster really stands out: LifeBoost Coffee.

They have thousands of raving fans, and people who taste their coffee don’t ever seem to look back. So what’s the big deal? Let’s find out in this LifeBoost Coffee review.

a bag of lifeboost medium roast coffee

Quick Summary: Lifeboost Coffee Review

The brainchild of renowned chiropractor and healthy living expert Dr. Charles Livingston, LifeBoost is low acid coffee that is organic, single origin, fair trade, toxin-free coffee that tastes great and is very easy on the stomach.

They offer a wide variety of roasts and flavored coffee beans, so there’s plenty to choose from for everyone. Best of all, you’ll always get delicious coffee.

LifeBoost coffee is a touch more expensive than other craft coffee, but once they get hooked on to the taste, most people don’t mind shelling out the extra cash for a great morning cup.

In fact, they’re so confident that you will love their coffee that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

What makes Lifeboost Coffee special?

LifeBoost is single origin

Single origin coffees come from a single geographic location. Many coffee beans are in fact blends, which means they are a mix of different coffee beans. Blends are usually made to balance the properties of one kind of bean against another.

However, blends don’t allow quite as much control over the growing process as single origin coffees do.

LifeBoost is grown in the highlands of Nicaragua in the Mt. Kilamb? region. Central American coffee is some of the best coffee in the world, so you’ll get some really unique flavors and tasting notes in every sip.

The beans are shade-grown, since the coffee plants fall under the canopy of the larger rainforest trees. This creates ideal conditions

LifeBoost is mycotoxin-free

One of the biggest selling points for LifeBoost is that they use coffee beans that are free from mycotoxins.

What are mycotoxins, you ask?

They’re a byproduct produced by molds, and are commonly found on coffee beans. Mycotoxins can cause many health issues such as cardiomyopathy, hypertension, cancer, and kidney disease.

Studies have found that coffee beans contain mycotoxin. These usually develop due to molds forming on the coffees during growing and production.

Mass-producing coffee means there will not be any scope for taking the time out for making sure the coffee is mold-free before shipping it out.

LifeBoost uses an elaborate process to make their coffee mycotoxin-free. For starters, they use a unique twist on the wet-dry process so there is as little mold growth as possible.

They take painstaking steps to ensure the quality control of the water, as poor water is generally a leading cause for mold development.

The coffee fruit is then pulped and the beans are then sun-dried. Finally, the roasting process ensures that any molds that may have sneaked through are eliminated, and the coffee is tested by the Agriculture department before receiving a green signal for shipment.

LifeBoost is organic

The Mt. Kilamb? region is a protected area, which means the government has strict restrictions on pesticides and chemicals.

As a result, the coffee beans are grown naturally and free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. If buying organic coffee is important for you, LifeBoost is a great option.

It’s more expensive than other organic coffee brands, but the taste more than makes up for it.

LifeBoost is Fair Trade certified

LifeBoost coffee is Fair Trade certified, which means the farmers doing the hard work of growing your coffee are well paid for their efforts.

Fair Trade works in two ways: farmers can either be paid a set extra amount per unit of coffee, or they can negotiate their own prices to make sure they’re making a good living.

Buying Fair Trade means you know that your coffee was not the result of an evil corporation exploiting foreign labor!

LifeBoost is low acid coffee

Lifeboost coffee is one of the best low acid coffee brands out there. The lower acidity is great for folks who love their coffee but need something that is easy on the stomach.

Additionally, the reduced acidity lets many of the other flavor notes in your coffee really shine through.

Whether you opt for low acid because of a stomach problem or just because you enjoy the taste difference that low acid coffee brings, there are few coffees that are as good as LifeBoost in this respect.

Lifeboost Coffee Roasts


Dark roast coffee is naturally the strongest and boldest roast you’ll find. Lifeboost Coffee’s dark roast has very strong earthy, woody, and chocolatey notes. Of course, there will be a very caramelized, intense sweetness.

The dark roast is great for french press, as this method really brings out the boldness. Plus, since the beans are low-acid, you won’t get that excessive tanginess you often see with french press coffee.


Interestingly, LifeBoost makes a special espresso roast which has notes of chocolate, caramel, and a bit of a fruity kick to it.

Espresso is typically a very acidic brew, and the resulting shot has a low to medium acidity, which is very impressive!


Although personally, I am not a fan of light roasts many people prefer the lighter and brighter cups that light roast produces.

LifeBoost’s light roasts are the most acidic of all the coffee beans they sell, and light roast does really well as a cold brew or pour over.

lifeboost coffee


Last but not least, LifeBoost coffee does medium roasts as well. Medium roasts tend to be the most balanced and can do well in any brew method.

They’re best enjoyed as pour-overs or cold brews, but they also make a very pleasant french press and a slightly milder espresso for those of us who find dark espresso to be too intense!

I ordered the medium roast and found it to be very nice and balanced.

As soon as you open the bag, you get a whiff of heavenly coffee aromas that’s much deeper than other coffees I’ve tried. 

The first time I brewed it was in a french press, and I was blown away by how smooth it was!

French press is usually quite tangy and acidic, so I used it as a litmus test to see how low acid LifeBoost coffee actually was.

The french press brew tasted as smooth as a pour over! I’m not gonna lie, this knocked my socks off!

lifeboost coffee bean

Flavored Coffees

You can also find a lot of interesting flavored coffees on LifeBoost. Some of the eye-catching flavors that are currently available include:

  • Caramel macchiato
  • Cherry mocha truffle
  • Cinnamon apple streusel

These are just 3 out of many options – I just listed these so you could get a good idea of what’s there.

I am not a fan of flavored coffee beans in general because they tend to have too much of an aftertaste, but from what I’ve seen, LifeBoost’s flavored beans do a respectable job of preserving the original flavor of the bean and adding an extra kick to it.

Limited collection

While the signature line of LifeBoost Coffee is all sourced from Central America, the Limited Colletion includes low-acid beans from other locations such as Java(Indonesia).

These are Limited for a reason: they only get stock once a year, and once they sell out, they’re out!

Trying LifeBoost for ourself

I could not wait to get my hands on some LifeBoost coffee so I ordered myself some medium roast(my favorite) and twiddled my thumbs in eager anticipation until the mailman dropped it off at my place.

The packaging is quite nondescript. They used to send their coffees in signature burlap sacks but now they’ve switched to regular packaging.

If you ask them, they can send it to you in a sack!

Opening the package, I was greeting with a whiff of heaven! The coffee aroma was so good it was almost intoxicating.

I ground up the beans and made a cup of pour over(nothing beats pour over for me). The coffee grounds smelled even better, and I started the brew.

For me, most medium roasted pour overs have a very rich but smooth mouthfeel. They leave a lingering, earthy taste in my mouth that is enjoyable for hours after finishing the cup.

LifeBoost was easily one of the best cups I’ve tried. The smoothness of the medium roast was out of this world, and every sip was just incredibly satisfying.

The notes of chocolate and caramel were incredible and it was almost like biting into a bar of dark chocolate.

LifeBoost Coffee Pros

  • Healthier coffee: LifeBoost Coffee is low-acid, certified organic, non-GMO, and 3rd party tested for mycotoxins. All in all, it’s definitely healthier for your gut and overall health than other coffees. We would rank supermarket coffee as the most unhealthy, followed by craft roasters in the middle, and LifeBoost as the healthiest coffee.
  • Wide variety of choices: LifeBoost is really unique because of all the different flavors they carry. Even if you’re not a fan of straight black coffee, you may find the flavored coffees to be quite enjoyable since they have an added kick.
  • Great taste: LifeBoost’s single origin arabica beans have the rich and earthy flavor notes of Central American coffee. Many folks who have tried LifeBoost end up declaring that this was the best cup of coffee they ever had.
  • Easy on the stomach and teeth: LifeBoost Coffee’s low acidity means it’s easier on your teeth and easier on your gut. Acidic environments allow teeth-eating bacteria to thrive, so cutting back on the acid goes a long way for your gastrointestinal health.

LifeBoost Coffee Cons

  • Expensive: The biggest put-off of LifeBoost is the cost. Most 12 ounce bags of craft roasted coffee are between $15 to $20 – these will set you back $35 per bag, though you can get discounts for purchasing more than one bag at a time.
  • Just one origin to choose from: Lifeboost’s certified coffees all come from a single region in Central America. This makes sense: to be able to maintain such strict standards for quality and testing, they have to limit the places they source from. However, this does mean a lack of choice as far as origins go. The limited collection coffees are available, but they’re expensive and not necessarily to the same extra-strict standard.
  • Some people like acidic coffee: Truth be told, many people enjoy the acidity of french press and espresso. Of course, this is hardly a con – if you don’t like low acid coffee, there is certainly other coffee you can try!

Conclusion: Is LifeBoost worth it?

There’s no doubt that LifeBoost is incredibly high quality and healthy coffee. It’s definitely the best coffee for people with sensitive stomachs, or those who wish to eat as clean and natural as possible.

For most casual coffee drinkers, the deciding factor will be the cost. At $35 per 12 ounce bag, your cost per cup comes out to nearly $1.50.

That’s still cheaper than going to a Starbucks, but a lot more expensive than other coffee brands.

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