Delonghi EC702 Review: A great espresso machine with one flaw

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Delonghi makes some exciting espresso machines, so we are more than excited for this Delonghi EC702 review. The EC702 is a prime choice for beginners but does deliver some advanced features too.

So, let’s explore this option from Delonghi and determine if it is a worthy investment or not.

De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker, EC702, Metal

DeLonghi EC702 Review: worth it or not?

User Friendliness: 9/10

The brewing process with an EC702 is quite user-friendly. The design of this espresso machine has a self-priming function, this means that the device does all the prep work for a brew for you, and you do not have to worry about start functions before you start brewing your actual espresso.

One of the things that stood out to us is that all the basic functions of this espresso machine were simplified. Of course, that does not mean you do not have control over features such as water temperature or pressure.

The Delonghi EC702, therefore, offers the ability to experiment with different recipes.

Advanced Brewing Features: 9/10

As we mentioned already, there are some advanced brewing features on the Delonghi EC702, including temperature and pressure control. For those who like full control over their brew, this espresso machine also provides you with the ability to monitor temperatures for the steam wand and the water tank.

This way, you have absolute control over many details of the brewing process, something which more advanced coffee lovers like to be involved in. Of course, if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry about these details too much yet.

With the DeLonghi EC702, you can also control how much espresso or coffee you brew at one given time. The thermoblock heating feature also provides you with more control as you brew several cups of espresso after one another.

Brew Quality: 8/10

The coffee you can brew with the Delonghi EC702 is fairly decent thanks to the additional control features incorporated into the machine. Of course, to get the most out of this machine, some knowledge goes a long way where temperature, pressure, and even bean selection are concerned.

While you will find the recommended features such as 15 bar of pressure and good temperature control, always remember that brewing the perfect espresso also requires some fine-tuning on your part.

So, while this machine is user-friendly, minor adjustments can give you better results. Still, the quality you receive for the price is outstanding.

Convenience: 9/10

We briefly covered the fact that the EC 702 has an easy-to-use design that is perfect for beginners. And while this espresso machine is easy to use, we did not elaborate on the convenient features you might appreciate.

The modern espresso machine is often accompanied by pod compatibility. While freshly ground coffee always delivers the best espresso from this kind of machine, pod coffee can be more convenient when you are in a rush. Fortunately, the EC702 has pod coffee compatibility.

Another rather convenient feature that is included with the EC702 is the low water level warning. When the reservoir is running out of water, the machine will give you a warning; this means you will not waste any of your valuable ground coffee because you ran out of water! Not every espresso machine has this feature, so we can certainly appreciate that.

Temperature Consistency: 9/10

One of the biggest problems a modern coffee machine can face is a lack of consistent water temperatures during the brewing process. While the more expensive machine options do not have this problem, machines in this general price range tend to struggle.

With the Delonghi, you do not have to worry about inconsistent temperatures. We are more than impressed with how this machine keeps delivering the optimal temperature for our coffee every single time.

Milk Frothing: 3/10

The only real problem we have with the Delonghi is the milk frothing system. Upon first glance, the milk frother does not look much different from most coffee machines out there. However, we did notice a difference when we tried it for this review.

While the milk frother on the Delonghi does froth milk, the bubbles made by the frother are not exactly great. In fact, they are often too big to get the velvety texture you want for your coffee recipe, so there is certainly room for improvement there.

The milk frother on the Delonghi will not provide you with the barista-quality you are looking for, but keep in mind that it does come with a dual thermostat system for optimal temperature regulation. So, milk temperature is not a problem for your delicate recipes.

Maintenance: 8/10

Whenever we review a coffee machine, we always look at maintenance. While most people look at the brewing features alone, maintenance is an integral part of the functionality of your coffee machine. So, how does the Delonghi score?

The stainless steel construction of the Delonghi is fairly straightforward to maintain. The stainless steel exterior can get a quick weekly wipe with a microfibre cloth, and you will find that the stainless steel remains pristine as long as you do this once a week.

To keep the functionality of the machine as optimal as it can be, we recommend performing basic maintenance tasks for your machine every day. Simply clean your filter holder, and your steam wand, give your drip tray a quick wipe, and do other small basic maintenance tasks on your machine.

The Delonghi is also a machine that will need some descaling from time to time. According to the manufacturer, you want to descale the coffee maker after every 200 coffees.

Of course, this rule does not apply when you have a single cup of coffee every now and again, since hard water can still influence your coffee machine over time. To avoid problems down the line, descale your machine every two to three months.

It is worth noting that Delonghi is one of the brands out there that delivers its own products for maintenance. One of the products you can obtain as a consumer is their descaler, which is specifically designed to protect your machine and reduce the impact of hard water.

In addition to having specialist products at your disposal, it is also important to know that the Delonghi can be disassembled to a certain degree. Some of the parts on your machine can be placed in the dishwasher, which makes maintenance a lot easier once again.

Durability: 8/10

Upon first glance, you would believe that the Delonghi is fully made from stainless steel, but this is not the case. To keep the price of the device down, the manufacturer used a specific type of plastic for much of the construction.

Nevertheless, the vital parts, including the stainless steel boiler, are made from stronger metal to keep the durability at a maximum. the stainless steel boiler also contributes to the durability of the design as a whole.

While some of the exterior is made from plastic, it does not mean this reduces the longevity of the design of the machine. In fact, everything is well-thought off in this design, from the drip tray to the handles. While it may not have the full steel design, do not overlook this machine as it does have the capability to last you up to ten years.

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The EC702 Delonghi is a solid choice for beginners, but it does lack some functionality for more elaborate beverages. While the basic functions are there, the functionality of the milk frother let us down a little bit.

Even though we would not recommend this Delonghi for anyone who likes maximum control over their brews, we do recommend it for anyone who likes more convenience.

While the milk frother could be a whole lot better, we do need to stress that the overall construction of the Delonghi espresso EC702 is one of the more solid out there. Since durability is important when you invest in an espresso machine, it still puts the Delonghi with one of the better options for beginning espresso makers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delonghi Only Make Espresso Machines?

No, Delonghi is a brand that creates all kinds of coffee machines and even kitchen appliances that are not related to coffee; this includes toasters and grills. While the company does deliver other appliances, their main focus stays on coffee and espresso machines, delivering some of the better products in the industry.

Is A Delonghi Espresso Machine Affordable?

That depends on your budget and the level of professional equipment you wish to obtain. The brand delivers a full range of coffee machines, ranging from compact options to commercial-grade equipment. However, when it comes to price-quality ratio, Delonghi is one of the better brands on the market.

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