Capresso EC100 Review: A decent brewer for beginners

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When you love a good espresso or cappuccino, it is likely you have considered purchasing the Capresso EC100. The Capresso EC100 is a specialist espresso and cappuccino machine, delivering some outstanding features for beginners. In this Capresso EC100 review, let’s see how this espresso machine scores.

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Capresso EC100 Review: What’s good

EC100 Pump Pressure: 9/10

Another essential feature to check out in this review was the EC100 pump pressure. As you know, a good espresso made at home requires a clean 15-bar of pressure. Fortunately, the Capresso EC100 provided the perfect 15-bar of pressure upon testing.

If you are a beginner, let us elaborate on the importance of pressure when making coffee, and in particular espresso. The right pressure ensures that the flavors and the aroma is extracted properly from your coffee beans.

If you have the wrong pressure, then your coffee will be lacking the full potential of the beans you obtained. Evidently, if you invest in some high-end beans, you want the coffee flavor and aroma to match.

We have no complaints where the pressure of this espresso and cappuccino machine is concerned. However, do tell consumers to keep an eye on the pressure over time. As the machine gets older, it is not uncommon for pressure to become less.

Even though many years will pass before that happens, if the pressure in the Capresso espresso machine EC100 starts dropping, it is time to look at a replacement.

Water Reservoir: 9/10

One of the more basic features to check on the Capresso EC100 espresso machine, but an important feature nonetheless, is the water reservoir. A good espresso machine requires a decent capacity, especially if you want to serve your coffee creations to visitors or to your family.

The EC100 pump espresso and cappuccino scores great when it comes to the capacity of the water reservoir. This coffee machine has a 47 oz reservoir. The reservoir is also transparent, which means you can check water level with just a single glance. Now, that is a big plus in our book.

Water Temperature: 8/10

Another crucial part of good espresso machines is good temperature control. The EC100 has a thermoblock mechanism, ensuring the proper water temperature during the brewing process.

Several tests with the water temperature of the EC100 showed consistent results. Extraction gave us optimal coffee aroma and flavor, and we cannot ask for more than that.

Even after making several cups after one another, the temperature and the extraction remained consistent, which can be a problem with other designs, but this espresso machine maintained its performance.

Frothing Ability: 7/10

One of the most important things we were looking to test out was the frothing ability of the Capresso, which is quite vital for a number of coffee recipes. Of course, the other reason why we were interested in the frothing ability of the Capresso EC100 is the presence of a dual frother.

The dual frother on the Capresso EC100 is designed to provide separate frothing positions for steamed milk and frothed milk. Obviously, this provides clear advantages, as this allows you to create both with minimal maintenance during the brewing process.

While testing the dual frother, we have to admit we were quite impressed. The frother does exactly what the manufacturer of the Capresso EC100 claims, which means it is certainly a great option for those who regularly have latte or cappuccino.

When it comes to the frothing, we do see one small area for improvement. Where convenience is concerned, we would love to see a frothing wand that is a tiny bit longer. Aside from that, the review on the dual frother is pretty glowing.

Maintenance: 98/10

While it does not directly relate to your coffee creations, maintenance is just as important as the coffee brewing features. In fact, maintenance can actually contribute to your brew over time, as difficult maintenance could cause your machine to become blocked or even last less long than originally estimated.

The EC100 pump espresso and cappuccino machine is easy to maintain. As the main body of the coffee maker is made from stainless steel, you can be sure that it will be strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures. Stainless steel is fairly easy to maintain as well, as it has a good stain resistance.

One of the handy features where maintenance is concerned is the removable drip tray. Some machines tend to have the drip tray fixed on the machine, and this makes it tremendously difficult to clean. So, being able to remove the tray is a big bonus in our book.

Looking at the design of the EC100 pump espresso, it may not be the most maintenance friendly design. There are a couple of small nooks and crannies consumers must pay extra attention too. That being said, it scores better than some of the other espresso machines out there with incredible intricate designs. Overall, it gets a plus from us in the maintenance department.

Room for improvement

There are many benefits to this machine, but there is some room for improvement. The first improvement we suggest is a longer steam wand, as we feel it could provide some additional functionality and a little more convenience. The second improvement we suggest is the removal of the heat plate.

Underneath the tray, there is a warming plate. Now, we do have a thing against these plates. While they may sound convenient to you to keep your coffee warm, they can ruin the flavor and aroma of your coffee in a heartbeat.

When coffee is left on a warming plate, it basically cooks the coffee and ruins your carefully made brew. In other words, we are not a big fan of a warming plate in any design. And if it is present, avoid using it.

Despite these two minor points, the EC100 is one of the better espresso makers out there. Reviewing machines such as these, we have to be extremely critical and we admit it was difficult to find things wrong with this design and overall functions. So, it remains a solid investment.

Conclusion: should you get the Capresso EC100?

Overall, the Capresso EC100 scores pretty good among our experts. While there is room for some minor improvements, this remains a solid investment for espresso and cappuccino lovers. If these are coffee recipes that are on your daily drink list, then investing in this espresso machine is not a bad investment at all.

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