10 Most Expensive Coffee Makers In The World

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Whenever you think of coffee machines and makers, you often think of machines that range between $50 and $1000, for the more expensive and restaurant-worthy ones. When you think of espresso machines, you often think the machines range between $100-$5000.

Right? Well, the truth is, the most expensive coffee makers in the world will actually blow your mind.

Coffee machines and espresso makers have been made at all different price levels. Some of the features may shock you and some of the build materials may surprise you.

10 of the most expensive coffee makers

1. The Javabot coffee machine – $1,000,000

most expensive coffee maker: the javabot

The most expensive coffee machine that has captured the attention of millions of coffee drinkers in the United States is known as the Javabot. The Javabot is actually the machine that is used by a company known as The Roasting Plant. This machine can be found in either Detroit or New York City.

This machine is known as the true coffee maker. It can do absolutely everything a coffee drink or maker has ever dreamt to do. It will grind and brew instantaneously providing the consumer with the best and freshest cup of coffee.

What is even more impressive than a coffee from a million-dollar machine is its design. It is a spectacle of its own. With several different storage columns for display of the coffee beans, many people are often distracted by the design rather than the coffee-making process.

2. van der Westen Speedster – $20,000

The next most impressive and expensive coffee or espresso maker on the list is the van der Westen Speedster worth over $20,000. This coffee machine has stolen the heart of numerous millionaires. It is produced with some of the best materials in the entire world and polished with chrome.

It has been said that this company only produces 400 machines per year in a small village in the Netherlands. In a short amount of time, all 400 machines sell to millionaires around the world for their homes, offices and even their yachts.

There is a reason why many millionaires want this machine and it all begins with the first sip of espresso extracted from this machine. It is clearly one of the most luxurious and tasteful shots out of the entire espresso industry. There is a reason why it is considered a reigning champion in the espresso industry.

3. Elektra Belle Epoque – $20,000

Upon first glance of the Elketra Belle Epoque, everyone is intrigued and wants to purchase it. This machine is worth over $20,000. This beautifully crafted piece of machinery is made from some of the most impressive and luxurious metals in the entire world. It is founded and utilizes some of the most ancient forms of coffee making as well.

The truth is, while many other companies have “knock offs” there will never be a “knock off” of an Elektra Belle Epoque.

On top of it’s unique and impressive stylish design, this machine comes with 6 different options for the consumer to program their coffee. If you prefer to manually do the labor as well, this machine does have a manual override feature as well. Can you imagine hosting a party and operating this grand machine?

4. The Siphon Bar – $20,000

Similar to the Javabot, the Siphon Bar is a machine from a company known as the Blue Bottle Café. This company, or business, can be found in New York City and San Francisco. If you are wanting a cup of coffee brewed from a $20,000 machine and live in those areas, check this out!

The machine itself is advertised as a source to make coffee into an art. With a vacuum brewing system with halogen-powered heat, spherical glass globes and bamboo paddles – the entire experience is nearly manual.

The entire process only takes 45 seconds to 1 minute before the best cup of coffee is ready to serve. If you considered yourself a coffee aficionado, you must see this machine in action.

5. The Rancilio Classe 10 – $18,500

This Italian-based machine, the Rancilo Classe 10, has completely captured the eyes, the heart and taste buds of thousands around the world. With advancements in innovation, new electronic operating systems – this machine is rated one of the most expensive AND best coffee machines in the entire espresso industry.

It is built with some of the most impressive technology in the entire industry. For an example, this machine comes built with the Rancilio SB technology, which provides the user with total control over the machine through a software.

What is better than this? Well, the machine has a beautiful and unique design with a large cup warming area. If you are planning on hosting large parties and can afford this $18,500 machine, it might be worth it!

6. Slayer Espresso – $18,500

The Slayer Espresso Machine is known across the entire espresso machine world as one of the most desirable and sought after coffee machines. It is located in the heart of the coffee and espresso industry: Seattle, Washington.

This manufacture understands that making coffee is not a science but rather an art. In that, these machines are developed to master the craft of making coffee in efforts to produce some of the greatest cups of coffee in the world.

With simple functions and features, this machine is widely agreed to be user-friendly and fun to use. On top of this, this machine is sleek, beautiful, and grabs the attention of anyone who walks by it. If you seeking to impress some people, this $18,500 machine might do the trick! If not, drop the price tag on accident.

7. Franke Evolution 1 Step – $18,000

When it comes to super automatic espresso machines, many machines do require minimal effort, even though they are automatic. Franke Evolution 1 Step is literally a 1 step process, as the name mentions. All that is required of you is to place the cup; the machine will literally do everything for you.

It will grind the coffee, brew the coffee, steam and froth the milk,  and even warm up the cup beforehand! Are you ready to be impressed even more? This machine can produce over 90 double shots of espresso in 1 hour! Do you call that rapid shots or what? On top of all these amazing features, this machine features one of the largest grinders and hoppers in the entire industry.

In fact, this machine can withhold almost 3 pounds of coffee beans. With this, the machine utilizes its 2 precision burr grinders to create the finest grounds of coffee known to the industry. For all of this, it will only cost your pocket $18,000.

8. Concordia Integra – $14,950

When it comes to bringing authenticity to the forefront, Concordia masters this with the Integra coffee machine. This brings back to origins of the coffee maker and enhances the entire experience. Removing any form of manual labor, this machine is a dedication to the use of technology, innovation and art.

For lack of a better words, many people refer to this machine as the “Digital Barista”. The truth is, this machine can make ANYTHING. From teas, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, espressos, ice coffees – anything. You might have spotted this machine at some upscale hotels and restaurants. If so, you should note that this machine is worth almost $15,000! Can you imagine that?

9. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Auto Espresso Machine (3 Group) – $13,500

Nuova Simonellia is one of the most infamous brands across the entire world for their takes in the coffee and espresso world. This 70-year old Italian company has completely altered the game of luxury and expenses with this semi-automatic multipurpose espresso machine.

In the recent years, this machine has capitalized and taken home almost every single award in the coffee industry. With its study build and impressive list of features, this machine is worth every penny.

If you are curious, this machine is currently valued at $13,500. At this price, the entire machine comes built with every bell and whistle imaginable. One cup of coffee or espresso will never be less than perfect.

10. Synesso Cyncra – $12,500

Out of all of the machines on the list, this machine might be one of the most popular. It could be its more cost-friendly price tag or the United States Handmade craft tag on the machine.

This company and build has been ever-so-popular ever since 2004 and has held the attention and heart of coffee aficionados since.

With three different espresso heads and two steaming wands, this machine is perfect for the at-home barista. While the machine was designed over 13 years ago, it still wears the crown of coffee machines.

Truth be told, many people believe that there will never be a machine better or great enough to top this machine. With that, you might be surprised to know that it costs only $12,500! Isn’t that a steal? 

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