8 Best Nespresso Refillable Capsules: Save A TON Of Money

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Those who cannot live without their Nespresso machine are in for a treat, because today we take a look at the best Nespresso refillable capsules.

There are many reasons why you should look into these capsules, but one of the main reasons is that refillable pods can save you heaps of money!

Best Nespresso Refillable Capsules and Pods

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1. Recaps(OriginalLine)

One of the most popular options where reusable pods are concerned comes from the brand Recaps. On Amazon, you can find a set of three that works with most Nespresso OriginalLine machines.

The Recaps pods are made from sturdy materials, as they are made from a combination of stainless steel and food grade silicone rubber. You can also get them in various sizes, which is handy considering the various models of Nespresso machines floating around!

While the Recaps are a little more expensive than your average selection of Nespresso pods, you do have to think about their longevity. One set of these pods can last for a whopping ten years, so it will save you much more on disposable coffee pods in the long run!

2. Alchemy Bar Goods(OriginalLine)

Are you on a bit of a budget, but still have your heart set on some reusable pods? Then maybe the perfect choice will be the pods from Alchemy Bar Goods. And while they aren’t made of stainless steel, there are plenty of other reasons why you should look into these pods.

The reusable Nespresso capsules from Alchemy Bar Goods are suitable for almost all Nespresso machines(almost all OriginalLine models). And, as an additional bonus, you can wash these reusable nespresso caps in the dishwasher! Talk about easy!

3. Recafimil(VertuoLine)

If you are still looking for a lower price Nespresso pod, but do not want silicone or rubber, then you can acquire the refillable Recafimil Nespresso Pod. Of course, a more affordable price does not mean less features, so let’s have a look at what this reusable Nespresso pod can do.

The Recafimil Nespresso Pod has a bigger capacity than most with a whopping capacity of 12.5 grams. The design of this refillable coffee pod also allows for more aromatic coffee, as it leaves coffee residue on the filter surface.

When you choose the Recafimil refillable coffee pod, you also choose durability, as this option is made from durable stainless steel. So, like our previous suggestion in stainless steel, this refillable coffee capsule can take a lot of punishment.

Of course, there is a downside that consumers must be aware of, more specifically that this refillable coffee pod is best for the Vertuoline series. So, unlike the other Nespresso capsules mentioned in this overview, this option is not suitable for many of the other Nespresso machines.

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4. i Cafilas(OriginalLine)

Everyone knows that a good espresso has a crema, but this is very difficult to achieve with Nespresso coffee capsules. Fortunately, there is a solution out there for all you espresso lovers in the form of the i Cafilas refillable capsule.

With the i Cafilas refillable capsule, you can make a good cup of espresso with actual crema; this thanks to the unique design the manufacturer has created.

5. SEAL POD Refillable Capsules(OriginalLine)

One of the most used reusable capsules for the Nespresso is none other than the SEAL POD Refillable Capsule, which has quite a few features that will be of interest to you. Made from stainless steel and packed with versatility, let’s look at what this coffee capsule can do.

There are plenty of remarkable features on these capsules, including the stainless steel design that could last a lifetime. However, this capsule also has a feature that makes it stand out from the rest, more specifically the lids.

The lids of the SEAL POD capsules are some of the best we have seen among refillable pods. They work as a special foil seal, which create a pressure within the capsule as you are brewing your coffee. As a result, this SEAL POD capsule also provides you with an excellent crema, the trademark of a good brew!

Since the SEAL POD Refillable Capsules are made from stainless steel, they are more environmentally friendly than the disposable coffee pod capsules. So, these stainless steel capsules do not only save you money, they are good for our planet too.

6. ABG Capsules(OriginalLine)

Do you want more than the best reusable capsules, including some additional tools that make it easier to measure and add your coffee to your capsule? If so, be sure to have a look at the ABG set, which includes capsules, brushes, measuring spoon, and a tamper!

The ABG capsules are made with a food grade stainless steel, ensuring the coffee pod does not clog easily. So, whether you like finer or coarser grinds, this might just be the best coffee capsule for you.

We also recommend the ABG set for those who just start out with the refillable coffee capsule, as this is the best set for newbies. In it, you will find the tamper, measuring spoon, brush and all those other essentials you need for your coffee capsule, which are all included in the price.

So, this is not a bad deal at all for a set that includes not one coffee capsule, but three and some additional tools!

7. Rolin Roly Pods(OriginalLine)

Rolin Roly is another brand that provides a decent Nespresso capsule, and for a very affordable price! While it is not as sturdy as some of our previous suggestions, it is certainly one of the most affordable. And, despite not being as sturdy compared to our other options, it can still last you for a considerable time!

The Rolin Roly is made from stainless steel and contains a rubber ring to improve its sealing ability. Each of the lids is also self-adhesive, this makes it a lot easier to make your coffee with lighting speed.

In addition to its affordability, this coffee pod is also very easy to clean. If you have some reusable capsules already, but you find them extremely difficult to clean, then these might provide you with a better alternative.

8. Blendin Refillable Pod

If you thought it couldn’t get more affordable, you would be wrong, because we found one more option that is even cheaper than our previous suggestions, the Blendin Reusable Pod.

The Blendin Reusable Capsule is suitable for almost all machines, even those before 2011. For these machines, simply remove the silicone ring to make it fit perfectly.

The Blendin is best for medium or fine grinds, which means you are not able to use it for coarse grinds. However, if you never use coarse grinds, then this one should be on top of your list.

Are Refillable Nespresso Pods Any Good?

People who are looking for a more economical method to make their favorite coffee should certainly consider refillable nespresso capsules instead of the traditional Nespresso coffee pods. Since they can be used over many years, they can save tons on your regular coffee pods for Nespresso.

Of course, every consumer should be aware of the differences between the traditional capsule and the reusable one. Both perform really well and there is no difference in quality when you use your coffee grounds as instructed.

That being said, some people find that there is a little more effort involved in adding the coffee grounds to the pod, this opposed to placing the pod straight into the machine. Still, if you do not mind adding coffee grounds to your chosen reusable Nespresso pod, you will be really happy with it.

Please be aware that some reusable capsules can get too packed if you are not careful. As a consequence, water may not run through your coffee as much as it should. Therefore, always read the instructions carefully.

Are There Reusable Pods made by Nespresso?

Most of the reusable Nespresso capsules are made by other manufacturers. So, even though they are designed for the Nespresso machines, they do not come from the coffee machine manufacturer originally.

The reason why Nespresso does not focus on too much on reusable Nespresso capsules is quite simple. They get a massive profit from the sale of Nespresso pods, so why cut into their own profits?

Fortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers out there that do put the time in pods for ground coffee, enabling you to still enjoy Nespresso but with your own ground coffee.

What Coffee Do You Use For Refillable Pods?

You will need some ground coffee to add to your refillable pods. Of course, some consumers create their own grind from fresh coffee beans for their reusable capsules, so it all comes down to what you prefer. If you are a true coffee aficionado, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Please note that the grind is important for some of the recommended pods. Some capsules can only take fine and medium grinds, while others can take anything from fine to coarse.

When in doubt, always read the manufacturer description and customer reviews. There is usually a wealth of information for each product, reducing the chance you purchase something that does not fit your requirements or your machine.

How Do You Use Reusable Nespresso Pods?

Most reusable capsules are incredibly easy to use. In fact, they usually function quite similar as regular Nespresso pods. Of course, there can be some small variations depending on the manufacturer and the material your reusable capsules are made of. To ensure you are using your reusable pods correctly, always check the instructions from the manufacturer.

If you do not have a Nespresso, but another type of coffee machine, do not be discouraged. Manufacturers make pods for a variety of machines, this goes from Keurig to the popular Tassimo.

Of course, since our recommendations are for the Nespresso and you wish to use one of these options, always make sure they are compatible with your coffee machine.

Finally, make sure you have the appropriate tools to add the coffee to the pod. A measuring spoon can help to estimate the right amount of coffee.

A tamper can press the coffee into the pod, ensuring you get the right consistency. Of course, you are not obligated to purchase these separately, as some brands include these tools with each pod purchase. The set from ABG we mentioned earlier is a prime example, but there are many more.

What You Need To Remember About Reusable Coffee Pods

The main thing to remember is that there are many Nespresso pods out there, made from various materials. If you have a bit more to invest, go for the sturdier stainless steel options that can last for over a decade.

If you are on a budget, choose capsules made from silicone, which will deliver you great results as well!

When it comes to reusable pods, you do have to remember that you get what you pay for. While there are some very affordable options out there that can save you a few dollars, we suggest investing in one of the stainless steel versions. Since these are sturdier, they are less likely to cause problems.

While durability is a big consideration when you choose your pod, maintenance should be a serious factor too. You want your pods to be fast and efficient, not taking up hours of maintenance.

Unfortunately, some pod designs are not that maintenance friendly, although you should have no problems with the recommended options in our overview.

Finally, make sure you match your pod with the coffee you make most. If you make espresso more than anything else, it may be a good idea to choose one of the pod designs that is especially made for espresso.

While it does take a little research, you are guaranteed to have the best cup of coffee every time.

Frequently asked questions

Are refillable Nespresso pods any good?

Yes! They save you money in the long run, are good for the environment, and you can use your own preferred coffee grounds.

Can I use my own coffee with a Nespresso machine?

Not officially, but many companies make refillable pods which allow you to use your own coffee.

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