Nespresso Vertuo Review: How does it stack up?

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Nespresso brought a number of interesting coffee machines on the market in recent history. While each of these bring a decent cup of coffee, there are numerous variables to consider before you purchase a Nespresso machine.

Today, we take a closer look at their Vertuo model, deciding if it is worth the investment or not.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville, 5 Cups, Chrome

Nespresso Vertuo Review

The Vertuo is made by both Breville and DeLonghi, bringing a slightly different design with the same functionality. Since both options use the same Nespresso pods and are based on the same technology, we will provide a general review of both going forward.

Of course, since there are some differences in colour and design, no matter how slight, it can be a good idea to check out each coffee machine to determine which one you like more.

Overall Performance

When it comes to performance, we have some good news for you. The Vertuo is actually part of a line of appliances focused on innovative coffee brewing. With it, Nespresso stepped away from their original coffee pod shapes and created the new Vertuoline pods. The pods are wider and have a rather spherical design.

How does this relate to the performance of the Vertuo? Well, this review will make that clear soon.

The new pods created for the Vertuo actually spin at high speeds inside the coffee appliance. This ensures that you have a cup of coffee with the optimal amount of flavor. To give you an idea, this Nespresso uses speeds up to 7000 rpm for pods.

Each of the pods has a barcode printed on it, which is read by the Nespresso. For example, if you are using espresso pods, your machine will select the optimal brewing settings for those espresso pods. As a result, you will get the best flavor and aroma in each cup of coffee.

Brewing Quality

The brewing quality of the Vertuo machine certainly gets some benefit from the centrifuge technology, which we mentioned earlier. In addition to the high speeds with which the pods vibrate, consumers can also choose from five different cup sizes; these includes the Gran Lungo 150ml, Double Espresso 80ml, Espresso 40ml, Alto 414ml and Mug 230ml.

As mentioned earlier, each of the pods has a unique barcode that enables your machine to read the settings for the coffee pods. So, all you really need to do is grab the right coffee cup.

The coffee maker is quite good at getting the water at the right temperature. It only takes 25 seconds for the water to heat up to its ideal temperature.

After making a brew with the Vertuo, we have to admit that we were far from disappointed. With the mug size, we achieved a nice crema on top of our coffee. In other words, quite great for this coffee maker.

One of the downsides to the Vertuo is that it does not include a milk frother. The addition of a milk frother would have been great, especially since a milk frother enables you to make more coffee recipes without too much effort.

Despite the lack of milk frother, there is an accessory that could counter this particular problem.

The Nespresso Aeroccino is compatible with the Vertuo, but also other Nespresso machines. With it, you can make your milk-based beverages without having to invest in another Nespresso model.

One of the benefits we find with the accessory is that Nespresso has kept most of their coffee maker models compatible with the Aeroccino. So, if you intend on upgrading your coffee maker in the future, it is likely that it will have some Aeroccino compatibility.


The Nespresso comes with a narrow and sleek design. It comes in various colours, but we particularly like the black finish for this coffee appliance. The machine is also quite compact and only weighs a little over 5 kilograms, which means it fits into small kitchens and is remarkably portal as well.

So, if you need a coffee maker to take with you while you travel, the Vertuo is a great choice.

Each Vertuo machine also comes with a decent sized water tank. With a capacity of 1.2 litres, there is enough for at several cups of coffee. The design also incorporates some storage for the pods, as you can store 13 pods in the accompanying capsule container.


The Nespresso Vertuo is quite sturdy, so you will be able to enjoy coffee for years to come if you keep your coffee maker maintained as instructed in the manual. Simply use the occasional cleaning cycle and wipe off the exterior with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris from your coffee maker.

We all know that Nespresso tends to use a lot of plastic in its coffee makers, and this is no different for the Vertuo. However, compared to the upgraded version, the Vertuo is by far more durable. All in all, a durable coffee maker that is kept in the reasonable price range.


We already mentioned that the coffee maker needs to be cleaned off from time to time, but the interior of the coffee maker needs some maintenance too. It’s best to use a special descaling solution from time to time, especially if you are in an area with hard water.

Since hard water can damage your machine over the course of time, you want to use a descaling solution to prevent this kind of damage. Like all coffee makers from the brand, the manufacturer recommends descaling solution over vinegar.

There are many people that use vinegar to clean their coffee makers, but vinegar is not always as kind to the materials used on the inside of the coffee maker. So using a descaling solution is always the better option.

Points for improvement

We had to look for a while until we found a downside to the Vertuo, because it has such a solid construction overall. However, we did find a downside, more specifically a lack of variety for the pods. If the brand could expand on its pods offer, then it would make this machine one of the best in the range.

What Is the Difference Between The Vertuo and the VertuoPlus?

The VertuoPlus was meant to be the upgraded model of the Vertuo coffee maker. But when you look at both models side to side, it appears as if the Vertuo is the upgrade. And you wouldn’t be completely wrong.

As mentioned already, the Vertuo is most definitely sturdier than the Vertuoplus. However, there is one advantage the Vertuoplus has over the Vertuo, more specifically the movable water reservoir.

On the plus, you can move the tank to meet your requirements. If you have a small kitchen, then the Plus’ water tank can be moved so it does not hamper any remaining space.

In addition to the tank, the Vertuoplus also has an automatic opening and closing mechanism. But in the grand scheme of things, this automatic function really does not make that much of a difference, if at all.

Summarised, the VertuoPlus could be described as a downgrade compared to the solid Vertuo. Aside from the moveable tank, there is really no reason why you would purchase the plus model over the Vertuo.

Which Capsules Do I Need For The Vertuo?

The capsules you require from the Vertuo can be found in the VertuoLine. The original capsules for Nespresso coffee were in the OriginalLine. When you put these capsules side to side, you will notice that the original is much slimmer and thinner compared to the Vertuo capsules.

If Nespresso’s marketing is to be believed, the design of the Vertuo maximises flavor and aroma when combined with the technology inside the Nespresso appliance.

Like the previous capsules, the Vertuo is sealed hermetically. You will also notice a distinct barcode on the capsule, which differs from the original. It is quite interesting technology when you think about it.

As time goes on, Nespresso keeps adding new capsules to their Vertuo range. And while it does not touch the range of the original just yet, we have no doubt that this will become the biggest range over time.

Of course, things could change if Nespresso changes the capsules again on one of their future models and this is certainly something to keep in mind. Capsule prices for the Vertuo are also higher than the original, so you could argue that running a Vertuo will be more expensive when it comes to capsules compared to the original models.

Of course, you do get the advantage that your Nespresso appliance will automatically set the right settings for your brew. In our opinion, that is more than worth a couple of cents more for each capsule. But at the end of the day, it only depends on how important this feature is for you personally as well as your taste preferences.

Verdict: should you buy a Vertuo?

There are many features we are excited about when it comes to the Vertuo. And even though there is such a thing as the Vertuoplus, we would most certainly recommend the Vertuo over the upgraded version.

The Vertuo machine provides all the basics you need for pods brewing. And even though the machine lacks some of the advanced coffee brewing features, it provides the basics unlike any other.

In fact, the only thing we could find lacking with this coffee maker was a smaller collection of coffee pods. Since this machine does work with a barcode, it is difficult to find capsules that are compatible from other brands. So, if you do not mind this tiny issue, you will have a solid espresso and coffee maker for your home.

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