13 K-Cup Storage Ideas: Great Ways To Keep Your Coffee Pods

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What will your relatives or friends say once they set their feet in your kitchen? Will they admire your organizational skills? For you to receive that positive compliment, then everything must be well placed. Let’s focus on that beverage station. You probably own a Keurig, right, so let’s look at some creative K-Cup storage ideas.

Here are some of the good and creative storage solutions to help you organize and store your K-cups with no fuse. Each idea ensures easy access to your K-cups simplifying your brewing process.

Nifty K Cup Holder – Compatible with K-Cups, Coffee Pod Carousel | 35 K Cup Holder, Spins 360-Degrees, Lazy Susan Platform, Modern Black Design, Home or Office Kitchen Counter Organizer

K-Cup Storage Ideas: Neat products to try

1. K-Cup Custom Drawer Storage for coffee pods

Everyone who has used this has loved it. If you’re looking into saving some space, then this is the way to go. The most interesting part is that this K-cup custom drawer has a fantastic look and the construction is fabulous.

The K-cup coffee pod drawer only needs a simple trim and it will fit that drawer perfectly.

Usually, it holds up to 30 pods before it is trimmed. You could also store some utensils on the side if need be.

2. 4-Tier 72 Pod Storage Drawer for Keurig K-Cups and coffee pods

This product will make life around the house enjoyable and much easier. Pod capacity of 72 K-cups is good news. Meaning, you’ll have to take a little longer before you could ever think about getting more pods. The sliding drawer feature makes it easier for you to access your favorite coffee.

If you enjoy having options and a variety of coffee, then this unit is perfect for you. The flexibility in how you choose to sort your coffee is just amazing. The rubber caps on the bottom prevents the unit from sliding around. The unit doesn’t occupy lots of space when placed next to the Keurig machine, it appears very nice.

For those who tend to keep a lot of K-cups, this unit should be of interest to you. It’s large enough to hold 72 cups and very convenient even for smaller spaces. Whether you’d want it in your office or at home, the unit will perfectly fit.

3. K-Cup Carousel

Life has never been as easy as with this K-cup carousel unit. Actually, it’s very popular. You’ll get the best experience ever for that favorite single serve coffee pods flavor. Rotates 360 degrees to simplify your pods’ organization and it adds a stylish look to your coffee station.

The K-Cup Carousel holds up to 35 K-cups packs and will still take very little space on your kitchen countertop.

It has a quality construction with a black powder coat finish. The effortless rotations bring that feeling of coffee at your fingertips! With the ease of use, anyone in the family will have that pleasure to organize their own favorite coffee flavors.

You’ll also realize that there is no assembling needed. Simply pop it out and you’re ready to go.

4. Nifty Under the Brewer Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for K-Cup Pods

When used as a stand for your Keurig, it looks just as a perfect coffee station. The selection process of your cups is made easy by the sliding drawer. The unit will save you lots of space. You’ll have your brewer sit on top of it.

The coffee pod storage has a classy black satin finish and holds up to 36 k-cups. Organize your favorite coffee flavors in neat rows and experience convenience every time you want to make your selections.

5. Solofill Mysolopad Automatic Single Serve Cups Dispenser for Coffee Pods

The dispenser is one of its kind. It can be placed vertically, horizontally, or mounted on the wall or pantry door. This unit automatically dispenses up to 42 cups. It is easy to identify the cups and also sort them out.

This unit has a sturdy glass top so that you can easily see the cups. It is also easy to clean. As for those looking for something that doesn’t take up much space, this is the right k-cup storage unit for you. You could also place your Keurig machine on top of it and work just fine.

The flexibility that it comes with has impressed a couple of people. If you’d like to mount it, be informed that it does not come with all the means to do so. You might want to seek some help from an expert or someone who has done that before.

6. Allhercom K-Cup Holder, Wire Coffee Cup

Looking for something fun? Well, this decorative holder is perfectly your match. It holds 40 pods that can be easily accessed. The K-cup holder looks extremely beautiful when placed on any kitchen countertop.

Besides looking stylish and decorative, this k-cup holder will help you keep your kitchen or office in an organized way. It has been constructed with steel and its finishing done with black paint to resist rust. Its dimensions make it fit just anywhere.

7. On Display Wall Mounted Acrylic Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pod Holder

This unit is 100% made of handcrafted acrylic. It is a great space saver and holds up to 32 K-cups. Easy to fill and display your favorite coffee flavors. The unit is perfect for small coffee shops or a squeezed kitchen.

It also fits inside any office, making your selections easier. Mounting the holder is pretty easier, it is done in a couple of minutes and set to go. The dispenser has a lip at the bottom that prevents the cups from slipping out. At times it might feel a little hard to pull out the cup though.

8. 50 Capacity K-Cup Display Rack

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use. This 50 capacity k-cup display rack is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple way to sort their coffee pods but also easily accessible. The rack has been built to last long. You’re therefore guaranteed many years of smooth operations.

It is non-toxic and water resistant. The pods remain in place when tilt, thanks to the patent-pending self-locking system mechanism. Choosing your favorite serving is enhanced by the open view. The unit always remains in place due to the bottom rubber grippers.

The modern design makes it fit in your office or home kitchen.

9. 30-Pod Mighty Tidy Bamboo Coffee Pod Drawer

Are you environmentally conscious? This storage unit is made up of eco-friendly bamboo material. It is also very steady and gives maximum satisfaction. The drawer is of quality and slides with a lot of ease. You can put your Keurig machine on top of the storage unit for convenience.

It is easier to organize all your k-cups favorite flavors in a matter of minutes. The overall dimensions of the unit make it fit perfectly on almost every kitchen countertop. It is also very durable hence giving you value for your money.

10. 35-Pod Bamboo Coffee Pod Carousel

If you didn’t like the Bamboo K-Cup Drawer, this one should be an alternative. What a clever way of constructing a Carousel from an eco-friendly material. This unit is great for home, office, or break-room use. It is also a perfect gift to your fellow coffee lovers.

Brown in color with a nice smooth finish. Easily rotates for quick access to your favorite coffee flavors. The unit also allows easy organization of your k-cups.

11. Nifty Coffee Pods Storage Carousel for K-Cups

When it comes to price and convenience, this unit carries the day. The Nifty Coffee Pod holds up to 36 k-cups perfectly displaying the names of each flavor. The sleek design and the black coat finish makes your kitchen glamorous.

The k-cups are designed for less effort removal from their respective holders. Everything about it is amazing. From easy and quick installation in under 5 minutes to quality satisfaction. The quality and design are mind blowing considering the price.

What makes it even better is the spinning base. A simple push by your finger is enough to help you quickly select the coffee pod of your choice.

12. Nifty Stacking Utility Basket

Another space saver unit. This is basically the best for storing all of your favorite single serve k-cups. You could also sort your favorite flavors by putting each in the different baskets. The unit also provides ease of access to the pods.

If you have enough space, you can decide to use each basket differently-its unique stackable design comes handy at this point. Their perfect size allows you to place them beside any coffee maker. They’re also ideal for kitchen countertop or office use. The wire basket design has a classy black satin finish.

The unit price is also very budget friendly.

13. Anchor 36 K-Cup Coffee Organizer

Anchor K-cup coffee organizer has 3 compartments each having a handle. The sleek black finish unit combines high functionality with quality performance to give the best experience ever. It works perfectly well under the brewer, with the drawers sliding out smoothly.

The three compartments help you to organize your all your coffee selection with ease. This unit also saves space. Even though the primary material used in its construction is plastic, this k-cup storage is durable.

Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, not forgetting budgets, we believe you’ve identified one or two K-Cup storage ideas from above set that will be convenient to you.

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