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Colombia has an excellent reputation when it comes down to the production of coffee beans. With an annual estimated production of 11.5 million coffee bags, Colombia is the third biggest producer of coffee in the world.

With so much Colombian coffee to choose from, what is the best Colombian coffee in the world? Find out everything you need to know right here!

What is the best Colombian coffee in terms of taste?

Since Colombia is one of the largest producers of coffee beans in the world, it is no surprise that you can find some of the best beans there.

Of course, the best beans also translates in numerous brands to choose from. But which are some of the best? Here are our recommendations!

1. Don Pablo Colombian Supremo

best colombian coffee don pablo

When you want some of the best Colombian coffee in existence, you cannot afford to miss out on the Don Pablo Colombian Supremo. Favorited by many coffee connoisseurs, you simply have to try this Colombian coffee at least once in your life.

If you want to find out what Colombian coffee has to offer, then the perfect way to start is by trying Supremo coffee. Supremo coffee delivers a carefully executed roast, enabling you to savor slight hints of caramel, dark chocolate and walnuts. In addition to that, the Supremo also delivers a lovely cocoa aftertaste, which certainly delivers that true Colombian coffee experience.

Since the Supremo is a medium to dark roast, you will find that it appeals to most coffee lovers. Interestingly, the Supremo is not one of the most expensive Colombian coffee options out there. So, you can enjoy the Supremo as much as you want!

The Supremo is an affordable coffee, which means it is suitable for daily drinking as well as a special occasion. And since Don Pablo provides fresh Supremo coffee every time, you really can’t go wrong with this option.

2. Juan Valdez

One of the best known Colombian coffees out there is undoubtedly Juan Valdez. The Colombian coffee has been around since the 50’s and is especially appreciated among gourmet coffee lovers. This is also the most popular Colombian gourmet coffee.

While Juan Valdez coffee is undoubtedly one of the best options out there, it is considerably pricier than our previous suggestion. However, you do get coffee in return that is obtained from the best-known Colombian coffee regions; this includes Sierra Nevada, Narino, Huila, Cauca, Santander, Tolima and Antioquia.

We could suggest a single coffee from the Juan Valdez brand, but that would not do our overview any justice. There is something truly special about this brand, so we urge all coffee fanatics to try out the range and to experience all the nuances this Colombian coffee offers.

3. Fresh Roasted Coffee 100% Colombian Supreme

fresh roasted colombian

Fresh Roasted Coffee is known to provide fresh and high-quality beans, which includes a selection of Colombian coffee. In fact, their Colombian gourmet coffee is considered one of their flagship coffees.

Interestingly, supremo is a term that does not refer to a specific Colombian region. In fact, it refers to the size of the beans, which are slightly larger compared to most coffee beans out there.

As for the taste of Fresh Roasted coffee, there are some interesting Colombian influences to discover in the roast. It provides some balanced hints of cherry and honey, but also a bold roast body and a medium roast level that will appeal to the large majority of consumers.

4. Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian Peaks

Do you want to play it safe and choose an award-winning Colombian coffee that will blow you away? If this is the case, you simply have to check out the Colombian coffee from the people at Eight O’Clock Coffee.

Eight O’Clock Coffees provide a means to experience the true Colombian roast. The coffee beans are harvested by hand from volcanic soils in Colombia, which ensures the perfect roast every single time.

When you try the Colombian Eight O’Clock Coffee, you will immediately notice some wine notes throughout the blend. It also has a full body, making it a solid choice for even the harshest coffee critic.

Many consumers also use the roast to blend with other flavors from Eight O’Clock Coffee. In fact, a popular daily options is to mix three parts of their French roast with two parts of their Colombian peaks roast. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

5. Volcanica Coffee Colombian Supremo

Another brand that is worth watching is none other than Volcanica Coffee. Known to produce some of the best fair trade coffees around the globe, let’s take a look at what this particular option has to offer you.

The Colombian Supreme is grown at an altitude of 1650 – 1800 metres in special volcanic soil. The beans are harvested, fully washed and then air dried.

Once the roasting process is completed, you will get a coffee with a lower acidity and a really smooth finish. You will also detect hints of nuts, intertwined with lots of fruity and sweet notes throughout. This also reflects in the aroma of this coffee, which is predominantly fruit as well.

Volcanic Coffee is a brand that is not exactly known for the most affordable coffee out there. However, this brand is both fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified. In other words, you know where your product comes from and are sure that every person involved in the production process got a fair price.

The shady grow spot for this Volcanico Coffee also delivers a very unique result, especially for coffee aficionados who only enjoy the finest gourmet options. To ensure the freshness of your roast, the manufacturer only roasts the beans once your order is received. In other words, you can always count on the freshest options out there.

Is Colombian Coffee The Best Coffee In The World?

Many coffee lovers will tell you that Colombian coffee is the best in the world. But why does Colombian coffee such an excellent reputation? Let’s take a look at why these Colombian coffees are counted among the best in the world.

The Colombian Climate

The climate in Colombia is a big contribute to the superior taste of their coffee beans. Most coffee beans in Colombia are grown at high altitudes ?and this has a profound effect on the flavor of the beans.

Most beans will have a distinguishable flavor with hints of fruit and chocolate. Of course, you will find more complex variants depending on the region of Colombia where the beans are grown.

Of course, the perfect climate does not automatically guarantee the best coffee. There are other factors that also contribute to the outstanding reputation of Colombian coffee, which we will discuss next.

The Production Process

Everything about Colombian coffee has characteristics properties, this ranges from the harvest to the actual roasting process. Evidently, this production process has a unique effect on the aroma and taste of Colombia coffee.

There are an estimated 570,000 individual producers of coffee in Colombia, which produce beans that are subsequently sold to the National Federation of Coffee Growers. The coffee can go to retailers across the globe, including Starbucks!

In addition to the countless producers of beans, you also need to know an interesting fact about how coffee is grown. Farmers often use banana plants to ensure the beans get sufficient shade. It does not need to be said that this cross mix of plants can have an influence on the overall aroma and flavor.

Most coffee beans from Colombia are picked by hand, which obviously has an effect on the price of Colombian coffees. Despite this higher price, you do get better coffee beans in return, as you do not have to worry about green or unripe beans entering the mix.

Not all beans are roasted in Colombia. Some of the beans are packed without being roasted and then shipped to overseas roasters. So, you may found numerous brands across the world that actually source their beans from Colombia. No wonder there are so many possibilities out there.

Coffee Bean Type

There are many beans available these days. However, Colombia coffee beans are almost exclusively Arabica coffee beans. Since these are remarkably popular among the majority of consumers, they certainly won’t let you down when you look for an easy drinking roast as well as beans with unique and complex characteristics.

What Coffee Do Colombians Drink?

Colombia is crazy for Juan Valdez’ coffees, as you may expect. The gourmet coffee producer is not only popular around the world, because he has become a national symbol of pride for many. Therefore, many places in Colombia solely serve his coffee.

Of course, there is gourmet coffee, but also working class coffee. The Colombian working class coffee is known as tinto, which translates roughly as “inky water”. The coffee is very concentrated version of our coffee, made from quality beans and sold in very small cups. By selling the coffee in smaller cups, it remains very affordable for the local population.

Interestingly, a large portion of Colombians drinks instant coffee at home as well. Even though the country is known for its superior coffee, instant coffee remains remarkably popular throughout the country.

How Do The Regions In Colombia Influence Coffee Taste?

Even though Colombian coffee beans may come from the same country, the different regions where the coffee beans are harvest and roasted can have a significant influence on the taste. Therefore, being familiar with the various regions and the flavor of coffee they provide can be interesting.

The Northern Region

When you head to the North of Colombia, you will find some of the most popular coffee flavors. The Northern area of Colombia is commonly associated with coffee flavors such as chocolate and nuts, complemented by low acidity and a rich roast body.

The Central Region

If you prefer your coffee a little more herbal and fruity, you should look for coffee from the central region. Of course, always remember that Colombia only has two annual harvests; this means it is much harder to find a specific flavor, even if you look for your variants in one specific reason. So, you can find a bit of a mix in the central region as well.

The Southern Region

While the majority of people prefer coffee with low acidity, there is a percentage that loves their daily cup of joe with a little more acidity. If you belong to this group, then you should look for your bean variants in the southern region of Colombia.

Is Darker Or Light Roast Colombian Coffee Better?

That depends heavily on your personal preferences. If you like lots of flavor and a bit more complexity, then you should look for a lighter roast. Lighter roast retain more of their original flavor because of the limiting roasting process, contrary to darker roasts that has more blended flavors.

The choice between light and dark coffee is most certainly a personal choice. That being said, some coffee fanatics would argue that you can only get the true Colombia coffee experience by trying a lighter roasted coffee. While dark coffees can also deliver something unique, lighter roasts can be an easier experience for beginners.

The Most Important Takeaways About Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is affordable and flavorful, so you can never go wrong by choosing a solid Colombian coffee for your personal collection at home. Of course, there are always some things to think about before you choose a Colombian coffee.

First, always check the region where the beans come from; this is especially important for coffee lovers who are quite picky when it comes to their favorite beverage. Not all Colombian beans or roast are made equally, and this is something to remember when you make your selection. Fortunately, the options laid out in our overview are all solid and safe choices.

If you have your heart set on Colombian gourmet coffee, then buying beans from established brands such as Juan Valdez is the recommended option. However, these options can be more expensive than some of the lesser known brands out there.

While you may select a coffee based on the region of Colombia, you have to keep the two annual harvests into consideration. With a limited number of harvests, it is difficult to pinpoint the right flavors immediately. Still, once you get familiar with the most prominent brands we mentioned above, you will find your way through the numerous options out there.

We also need to mention that the most expensive coffee is not always the best one, especially where Colombian coffee is concerned. While brands such as Volcanico Coffee always deliver, there are many other brands out there that are fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified, which can be more affordable too. Of course, if you like to start with an established and safe option, then Volcanico is definitely the first brand to go for.

When you just start out with coffee from Colombia, do not be afraid to start with smaller quantities at first. By using smaller quantities, you can start to experiment with the various options out there. In some cases, you can even mix different coffee grinds to find that perfect cup of Colombian coffee.

Just look up some of the recommendations from experienced coffee lovers to try some new and fun combinations. Once you become more proficient, you can start experimenting with your favorite brands and create that ultimate cup of joe you have always dreamed of.

Or maybe you will find a favorite brand from the very start, saving you time and effort? There is no limit to what you can do with Colombian coffee.

Finally, make sure you have the right coffee making equipment before you purchase genuine Colombian coffee. For example, if you are thinking about grinding beans yourself, always make sure you have equipment that can cope with those beans. Armed with coffee bean knowledge and the right equipment, you will be enjoying delicious Colombian coffee for a long time to come.

Frequently asked questions

What Is The Difference Between Arabica And Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee is grown in Colombia, which subsequently gets a new name. In other words, plain Arabica refers to a generic type of bean, while Colombian coffee is made with Arabica beans specifically grown in Colombia.

Does Colombia grow robusta beans too?

In addition to Arabica, Colombia is also known for its Robusta beans. Since Robusta beans are more bitter than sweet Arabica beans, these Robusta beans are mainly sold to manufacturers of instant coffee

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